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A Guide to Cosmetic Treatments in Bangkok

Turn More Heads, Without Turning Out Your Pockets!


Bangkok is world-renowned for providing reliable and affordable cosmetic treatments. People from Australia, New Zealand and even the UK and US travel to this important medical tourist destination, where healthcare standards are high and the service unbeatable.


Whether you need breast augmentation in Bangkok or some other cosmetic procedure, you will find the finest surgeons and professionals here who can deliver the results you desire. The thrilling Thai capital is visited by around 22 million people annually, and a growing number are medical tourists. Take a closer look at some popular cosmetic treatments you can get in Bangkok for less:

Breast Implants


If you are not satisfied by the size or shape of your breasts, you do not need to settle. You can choose from a variety of implants to enhance your bosom. Saline and silicone implants are quite common. Soybean oil implants have also been developed as a natural and biocompatible alternative, providing greater safety in the event of leaks.


The procedure takes one to two hours. Once the anaesthetic wears off, you will experience some soreness. Most women return to work within a week and resume their daily routine after two weeks. You should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for up to six months.


Traveling to  Bangkok provides the perfect chance to rest and recuperate in one of the world’s great tourist destinations.


Prices for breast implants:

  • Australia: $16,500
  • New Zealand: $18,000
  • UK: £9,000
  • US: $11,500
  • Bangkok: AUD $7,000 NZD $7,600, £3,800, USD $5,000


You can save up to 60% by traveling to Bangkok for your breast work!


Rhinoplasty/Nose Job


Rhinoplasty is a highly personalized procedure and requires a certain finesse and experience to get it right. But you don’t have to pay through the nose to get a new nose! Bangkok is home to some of the world’s finest rhinoplasty surgeons and we help you easily find them.


If bones and cartilage require work, the surgeon will usually make the incisions inside the nose so they are not visible later. The surgeon may also remove tissue, or add it using filler (either synthetic or from another area of your body). General or local anaesthetic can be used. On average, the surgery takes about two hours. A good surgeon will discuss all the details with you before the procedure.


Prices for rhinoplasty/nose job:

  • Australia: $12,600
  • New Zealand: $13,700
  • UK: £6,800
  • US: $8,800
  • Bangkok: AUD $5,600, NZD $6,000, £3,000 GBP, USD $4,000



Sometimes all your best efforts at diet and exercise fail to help you lose weight; liposuction can provide you an ideal solution. In fact, lipo is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries that helps people get rid of fat and reshape their bodies. You can choose specific parts of your body to deal with stubborn fat while contouring those areas to a more desirable shape. 


If you are addressing multiple areas of your body, liposuction surgery can take several hours. Different techniques are available. For tumescent liposuction, a mixture of anaesthetic, drugs and saline solution are used. In ultrasound liposuction, the fat is liquefied using ultrasound. In both these popular methods, a suction device is used to remove fat.


Prices for liposuction:

  • Australia: $5,000
  • New Zealand: $5,500
  • UK: £2,500
  • US: $3,800
  • Bangkok: AUD $2,500, NZD $2,700, £1,200, USD $2,000


Sexual Reassignment


While sex change surgery is becoming increasingly common, it still is quite costly and often problematic to arrange locally. Bangkok is the world’s mecca for SRS (sex reassignment surgery), with more SRS performed in Thailand than all other destinations in the world combined. Traveling to Bangkok not only helps you save up to 70% off the procedure but you can also enjoy shorter  waiting times.


In male-to-female assignment the main procedure is reshaping male genitals to mimic the form (and sometimes function) of female genitalia. You can also get breast augmentation in Bangkok as part of your body change program. Patients also opt for other procedures such as voice feminization surgery, facial feminization surgery and reducing size of the Adam’s apple.


In female-to-male assignment, genital reshaping is not as common as in the male-to-female change. Mastectomy (breast removal) and hysterectomy (uterus removal) are common procedures chosen by patients.


Prices for sexual reassignment:

  • Australia: $30,000
  • New Zealand: $33,000
  • UK: £16,400
  • US: $21,400
  • Bangkok: AUD $9,000, NZD $9,800, £4,900, USD $6,400


Eyelid Surgery


Also called an East Asian blepharoplasty, this surgery is used to create a double upper eyelid to reconfigure the single lids that half of all Asians have. As you can imagine, Bangkok is a popular destination for this procedure. The idea is to make your eyes look larger, and can also be used to improve the hooded appearance that is sometimes projected by monolids. The procedure is also used to reduce puffiness and wrinkles under the eyes due to aging.


The surgery usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour and does not require that you remain in the hospital overnight. Light sedation or local anaesthetic is usually sufficient for the procedure. You may have blurred vision and soreness in the eyes right after the surgery; some bruising and swelling may appear in about 48 hours, but will subside two to four weeks thereafter 


Prices for eyelid surgery:

  • Australia: $8,000
  • New Zealand: $8,700
  • UK: £4,200
  • US: $6,000
  • Bangkok: AUD $3,900, NZD $4,200, £2,100, USD $3,000


Skin Treatments


Bangkok is one of the best destinations for skin and wrinkle treatments. Many people want to turn back the clock on their skin but do not want to go for an invasive and expensive option like surgery. If that is you, numerous non-surgical treatments are available that help you remove or at least reduce signs of aging.


While most treatments are for the face, you can also get them for other places like the skin on the back of your hands. Skin in this area actually ages must faster than your face since it is much thinner and very little fat is present here. From wrinkle treatments to a facelift, you have many surgical and non-invasive options.


The cost of skin treatments varies depending on the kind of treatment you get. Check out the cost comparison for two popular treatments:



  • Australia: $20,000
  • New Zealand: $21,800
  • UK: £11,000
  • US: $14,200
  • Bangkok: AUD $10,000, NZD $10,900, £5,500, USD $7,100


Juvederm ® Injectable Filler

  • Australia: $800
  • New Zealand: $870
  • UK: £440
  • US: $570
  • Bangkok: AUD $500, NZD $545, £270, USD $356


Hair Transplant

Baldness and thinning hair can make you look older and less attractive. Some people in this situation shave their entire head but few of them can pull off that look. If you are losing too much hair, a hair transplant might be in order. Countless people across the world are getting hair transplants. A lot of them are heading to Bangkok to save thousands of dollars on the procedure.


If you love your hair, you will love how this beautiful Thai capital helps you recapture the magic of a full head of hair. The city has numerous clinics that specialize in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which is the most effective hair transplant technique today. And the price difference will more than cover the cost of traveling to and staying in Bangkok. It is like getting a complementary holiday with your hair.



Prices for hair transplant:


  • Australia: $12,000
  • New Zealand: $13,100
  • UK: £6,300
  • US: $8,300


Bangkok: AUD $7,600, NZD $8,350, £4,200, USD $5,500.


Low Cost, High Quality Cosmetic Treatments


From rhinoplasty/nose job to breast augmentation in Bangkok, you can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on treatments to improve your body.  The main reason is the lower operating materials cost in Thailand, and lower cost of living also keeps prices down. Moreover, there is tough competition among the clinics which further prevents prices from spiralling out of control. The best clinics also understand that they need to provide top-quality cosmetic treatments if they want to continually attract international patients.


We at Bangkok Botox do our part to ensure only the most reliable clinics are added to our site. From visiting clinics to checking malpractice and criminal records to verifying staff qualifications and professional association memberships, our screening process includes important checks. We also collect authentic patient reviews so you have access unbiased information on hundreds of cosmetic surgery clinics listed in our database..


Traveling to Bangkok also offers the chance to enjoy a memorable holiday. From its bustling street life to ancient temples, the city offers a unique blend of thrill and serenity. 200-year-old village homes are not far from megamalls; such is the nature of colourful Bangkok. The cost savings may more than cover the cost of your travel and accommodation. Why not spend some or all of your vacation or recovery period peacefully, an ocean away from your daily routine?


Whether you need liposuction or breast augmentation in Bangkok, feel free to check out clinics on our site. You can either book your appointment with us online, or feel free to contact our Customer Care Team with any additional questions or concerns.

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