Why Bangkok?


Why Bangkok?



About Bangkok – the City of Angels and Affordable Botox!

Bangkok is one of the top tourist destination cities in the world: attracting around 22 million visitors annually, the city is also a top choice for medical tourists. Every year, the low Botox price in Bangkok drives thousands of people from Australia, New Zealand, UK and US to travel to this city.

The beautiful Thai capital is known for providing world-class cosmetic solutions ranging from Botox to cosmetic surgery. In Bangkok, you can get the best of treatment, fun and cost savings. At Bangkok Botox we focus on this vibrant tourism and healthcare mecca, providing easy access to the best clinics in town.

Getting to Bangkok

Bangkok attracts people from around the world. Check out average flight times and ticket prices from major cities:

From Sydney

Flight time: 9h 10m

Average price: AUD $1,200

From Wellington

Flight time: 14h 20m

Average price: NZD $1,500

From London

Flight time: 11h 15m

Average price: £537

From New York

Flight time: 29h

Average price:  USD $1,200

You can get even cheaper flight tickets so shop around to get a good deal. You might also consider taking a companion along with you, especially if you are flying out for a surgery.

Getting around Bangkok

Bangkok’s traffic may be infamous, but the city has an excellent public transport system. The Skytrain and underground rail systems connect the Bangkok’s business zones to the main shopping and entertainment areas, and is used by tourists and locals alike. Taxis are safe, quite cheap and just as importantly, available easily on every corner round the clock. When using a taxi, make sure the meter is on and starts at only 35 baht, the minimum charge.

You can also use express boats and river taxis to explore historic sites and attractions by the magnificent Chao Phraya River. Tuk-tuks used to be big in Bangkok, but are now on the way out, making room for more comfortable transport. Still, you can hop on one of these just to enjoy the experience. Motorbike taxis are also available when you need to zip through traffic!

Before you leave home, make sure you are crystal clear about the location of your hotel, clinic and airport, and that you book lodging reasonably close to your chosen treatment centre. Ask us if the clinic provides hotel/airport transfers.

Why Bangkok?

Bangkok is a great choice for Botox and other aesthetic procedures because it offers the best of:

  • Low prices
  • Quality treatment
  • Unforgettable holiday

These factors combine to make a compelling argument for Bangkok. If you have been thinking about getting Botox, you can get it for less in Bangkok without compromising on quality.

Granted, some Bangkok clinics do not measure up. That’s why we are here to help you zoom in on the most reputable, reliable clinics in the city. Our screening process keeps any sub-standard clinic from making its way to our listing.

Bangkok is famous for providing the best cosmetic treatments in the world. The rising cost of healthcare and cosmetic treatments in countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK and US drives people from these countries to visit destinations such as Bangkok.

The lower Botox price in Bangkok, and of any other imaginable treatment, will help you save enough to enjoy a memorable holiday in Bangkok. The city is the closest, most convenient destination for people in Australia and New Zealand.

Things to Do in Bangkok

Besides getting quality Botox and other treatments for less, you will find no shortage of fun things to see and do in Bangkok. In addition to the colourful streets, ancient temples and vibrant nightclubs, here a sampling of the best tours, restaurants and historic attractions you should not miss:



Historic attractions

Is it Safe?

While serious crime threat is relatively low in Bangkok, you want  to be careful about non-confrontational incidents such as pickpocketing and credit card fraud. These are also common in European tourist destinations so it is good to be vigilant anywhere you go. 60% of Thailand’s tourists are repeat visitors: this speaks volumes of the country’s hospitality and safety.

Regarding quality of the procedures, we at Medical Departures go to great lengths to list only the most reliable, well-established facilities. Our clinic vetting process includes:

  • Onsite visits
  • Malpractice and criminal records checking
  • Staff qualification verification
  • Professional association membership verification
  • Authentic patient review collection

If you book through us, you also receive warranties on all treatment performed and materials used. As long as you stick to the right clinic and remain vigilant, you are set to enjoy a safe, productive and enjoyable medical holiday in Bangkok.


Price is the biggest attraction for medical tourists. Check out the price comparison for Botox, (per 20 units):

  • Botox in Australia: $400
  • Botox in New Zealand: $440
  • Botox in the UK: £220
  • Botox in the US: $130
  • Botox in Bangkok: AUD $352, NZD $380, £194, USD $250

The number of units you need varies from person to person, and on the size and location of the targeted muscles, among other factors. Discuss this with your clinic so you have a reliable estimate of the cost. Our clinics also fillers in Bangkok, so compare prices for whatever treatment you desire.

Another great reason to visit the city is that in addition to the low Botox price in Bangkok, you still get highest quality treatment and materials. The lower prices are due to lower operating costs and cost-of-living in Thailand. Moreover, our clinics share a healthy competition as they welcome international medical tourists. 

We believe you will find Bangkok to be an excellent destination if you are looking for Botox or other cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments. The Botox price in Bangkok helps you save good money without forcing you to compromise on quality. In Bangkok you can restore your youthful appearance without the process costing a fortune. Feel free to read about the clinics listed on our website while you plan your medical holiday to Bangkok.



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