All You Need to Know About Fillers in Bangkok

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Getting fillers in Bangkok is a popular option for people looking to reduce the appearance of aging. However, many are wary about travelling to Bangkok for this treatment. Rest assured, the quality of materials used and quality of practitioner in Bangkok is excellent which is why thousands of Australians and New Zealanders travel to Thailand for fillers every year.

Before travelling you should do some research on the cost of the treatment costs and plan your trip accordingly. The savings are sizeable, but they may not be enough to cover the cost of treatment. As such, many combine dermal fillers with travelling for a holiday, business, or other cosmetic or dental surgery.


What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are a substance that fills the gap between the muscle tissue and skin. It provides a plumper and smoother appearance where the clinician injects the filler, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Fillers work differently to Botox, working on inactive wrinkles rather than the active wrinkles Botox targets. However, both treatments are non-invasive and have virtually no downtime post-treatment.


Travelling To Thailand

Thailand is a popular tourist destination that offers spectacular vacations. There is always something to do, with exotic beaches, delicious cuisine, beautiful temples, and exciting nightlife available in addition to affordable fillers.


If you are concerned about travelling to Thailand on a strict budget, you do not need to worry. Thailand is a low-cost destination with an excellent tourist infrastructure and accommodation to suit every budget. Public transport is inexpensive and easily available, so getting around will also come within your budget.


How Much Can You Save On Fillers?

If you compare the cost of dermal fillers in Bangkok to what local clinics offer, you will save a significant amount. Here is a price comparison to give you an understanding of the savings:


  • Australia: AUD 420
  • New Zealand: NZD 440
  • Bangkok: AUD 340 / NZD 360


How Reliable Is The Procedure In Bangkok?

In Bangkok, the quality of treatment is high and comparable with the quality at your local clinic. Many of the clinicians working there studied abroad and operate the clinics in compliance with international standards, with the hygiene levels noticeably high. Staff in Thai clinics are numerous and skillful as well as fluent in English.


If you want the best treatment for the best price, you should consider opting for one of the following clinics:



Getting Started

Dermal filler treatment in Bangkok is affordable and high-quality. For more information contact the customer support team or book an appointment online at Bangkok Botox.


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