Bangkok is Famous for its Cosmetic Surgery

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Bangkok is a wonderful combination of colours, cuisine, serenity and excitement. You can also get first-rate cosmetic surgery in Bangkok and recapture your youth so to speak for much less. You can choose from many kinds of surgeries from ranging from facelifts to breast augmentation. Let us take a closer look at some of these cosmetic procedures.


Breast Implants

If you are not satisfied by the size and/or shape of your breasts, you can get breast implants in Bangkok. Different types and shapes of implants are available. Round and teardrop implants are two basic shapes you can get. Silicone and saline are most common. Soybean oil implants are also available as a natural alternative, with high safety in case of leaks.

The procedure is around a couple of hours. You will feel a little soreness as the anaesthetic tapers off. In most cases, women return to work in a week and resume their routine after two weeks. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for up to six months. The average cost in Australia is $16,500 while in Bangkok you can get it for only AUD $7,000.




Getting facelifts in Bangkok is also a big trend. A facelift is an effective procedure to reduce signs of aging in the face and neck. The skin is tightened to create a youthful appearance while excess fat is also removed. The procedure is done under general anaesthetic while the location of the incisions depends on your facial structure and the surgeon’s technique. They usually begin at the temples over the hairline and continue in front of the ear.

It takes three to four hours to complete, depending on the size of the area being treated. Scarring is faint and in most cases is hidden by your hairline or ears’ or facial creases. In Australia the average cost of the facelift is $20,000. In Bangkok it is only AUD $10,000.




If you do not want surgery, Botox injections are a good alternative for recapturing your youth. This toxin works by blocking signals from your nerves to the muscles to keep them from contracting. This relaxes and softens the wrinkles. Botox is mostly used on forehead lines, lines around the eye, and frown lines.

However, it cannot help you with wrinkles that are a result of sun damage. Other than that, Botox injections are a great way to deal with the lines that give away your age! The cost of Botox in Australia per 20 units is $400, while in Bangkok you can get it for AUD $352.


Reliable Clinics

Bangkok is famous for cosmetic surgery because it is home to some of the finest surgeons and well-quipped clinics. Keep these three names in mind as you are looking for cosmetic surgery in Bangkok:



Clinics such as these are able to offer high quality cosmetic treatments for less because it costs much less to run these facilities than those in Australia. The price difference is not due to a lack of quality. Feel free for learn more about these clinics as you plan your cosmetic surgery in Bangkok.


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