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An increasing number of Aussies and Kiwis are getting Botox in Bangkok to save money. Why spend more when you get the same quality in Bangkok while enjoying the same quality? Thailand has long since been a famous holiday destination and it has also earned a reputation as a medial tourism hub. While the benefits of Botox can be described as invaluable, they cost quite a bit in first-world countries like Australia and New Zealand.


How Much You Can Save?

Before you fly out you should have an idea of the Botox prices in Bangkok. This price comparison below (based on 20 units) is a good guide:


  • Sydney: $400
  • Auckland: $440
  • Bangkok: AUD $352, NZD $380


The good news is that there are no hidden costs and quality is on the level. While these are good estimates, you should check out the prices of the clinics before booking. Botox in Bangkok is much cheaper mainly because of the lower operating costs and cost of labour and materials.


The clinics there are able to pass on these savings to their clients, which is a big attraction for foreigners looking for affordable alternatives. Bangkok’s clinics are also locked in a healthy competition that keeps prices from spiralling out of control, while maintaining quality that international clients expect.


Finding the Right Clinic

The key is finding the right clinic. That is where Botox in Bangkok comes in. We help you select the most reliable Botox centres in Bangkok. We understand that it can be a little daunting to find a dependable clinic abroad. The Bangkok Botox team conducts thorough background checks to ensure every clinic added to our site is on the level.


We visit the clinics, check malpractice and criminal records, verify the staff’s qualifications and evaluate the facilities of the centre. We also collect reviews from patients, including medical tourists, who have visited the clinic. You can check out all this information on our website and easily select a reliable clinic. As long as you stick to our listing, you will be able to get quality Botox in Bangkok for less.


Two Clinics You Should Shortlist

If you are looking for recommendations, check out these two clinics:



Places like these help you turn back the clock and recapture your youth without spending a fortune or compromising on quality.


Amazing Bangkok

Many people combine their Botox treatment with a holiday in Bangkok. This helps spread the cost if you think the cost savings are not enough. You can also club together the Botox with another more expensive treatment, if feasible. Of course, you can always get Botox while you are already in Bangkok, whether for work or pleasure. Just make sure to make your appointment for after you have attended any work meetings!

Not to forget that Bangkok is an amazing holiday destination. This beautiful Thai capital offering everything from temples to bustling streets to five-star hotels. Feel free to read more about the clinics mentioned above to make the most of Botox in Bangkok.

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