Botox or Fillers?

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There is an ongoing debate about whether you should get Botox or fillers but in reality, they are 2 different things and which one you should opt for depends on your skin’s requirements. A clinician will help you if you are unsure, and the clinicians who operate in Botox clinics in Bangkok will guide you impartially. Also, they speak English fluently so you can talk to them about the differences between fillers and Botox and gain a better understanding.


How Much Are Botox Injections in Bangkok?

If you opt for Botox in Bangkok you will save money because the clinics there keep their operating expenses low. They do this because the cost of living is lower, meaning that locally hired staff are paid reduced salaries, rent is lower, as well as other significant costs.


In addition to this, there are more clinics than patients, so clinics compete on cost to attract patients. Botox clinics in Bangkok do not use inferior quality materials to reduce costs.


How Much Can You Save?

Botox clinics in Bangkok do not compromise on quality but they do charge inexpensive prices, as shown in the price comparison below.


Botox in Australia costs AUD 420 for twenty units of Botox, while a clinic in New Zealand will charge NZD 440. If you get the procedure done in Bangkok, you will only have to pay AUD 340 / NZD 380 for twenty units of Botulinum Toxin.


Note that the cost above is approximate and correct only at the time of writing. For exact, current prices, check the clinic’s page when booking.


High-Quality Clinics

The most reputable clinics have experienced clinicians and strict hygiene standards to ensure every patient receives individual attention. The staff are fluent in English so you will not have any problems with communication. The following clinics are high-quality and highly recommended by past patients:



Why Travel to Bangkok?

Thailand is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world and it is popular for its beautiful beaches, delicious and exotic cuisine, and exciting nightlife. Bangkok has an excellent tourist infrastructure, with accommodation for all budgets.


Getting Started

Botox clinics in Bangkok provide high-quality expertise and care so you get the treatment you need. Get more information about these clinics by contacting the customer support team or book an appointment online at Bangkok Botox.

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