Botox Prices in Thailand are Lower Yet Stand for High Quality

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Botox is a good way to recapture your youthful face. Stress and anxiety plagues us all, and it is difficult to scurry away from the effects of both these problems on our bodies, especially the face. Wrinkles and fine lines take away years of your life, and you end up looking much older than you really are. Instead of wasting money and effort on home remedies and natural treatments, which take a lot of time to come into effect, consider Botox. Sure, it is expensive, but if you are planning to come to Bangkok, you can benefit from the low Botox prices in Thailand.

Keep in mind that while the difference in price in Thailand and Down Under is not that much, coming specifically to Bangkok for your Botox may not be a smart move. But if you are coming to this beautiful island country for your vacations or a business meeting, it would make much sense to get the treatment there and save some money.


Thailand is a popular medical tourism destination and many people who come here choose to undergo Botox procedure after they have enjoyed other tourism activities. You can save some money and use that money to enhance your experience as a tourist. Cheap Botox clinics in Bangkok offer some of best technologies as well as a highly competent staff to ensure you get quality and comfortable treatment.


Price Comparison of Botox

There are several high quality clinics across Botox that are renowned for professional care and qualified clinicians. They provide lower prices with a focus on customer service and innovative treatment methodologies. Understand that no matter how extensive the procedure, you will always end up paying less money compared to your local clinics. Here is a good price comparison for your reference. Of course, the clinicians will be in a better position to tell you the total estimate of the procedure since the amount Botox required varies from person to person.


The corresponding costs of one unit of Botox is AUD $20 and NZD $22. In comparison, you will end up paying AUD $17 and NZD $18 for the treatment. 


Why is Botox So Affordable in Thailand?

A good question. Well, many people are sceptical at first, seeing how low the prices are, they think they are going to have to compromise quality or their health. But none of this is true. The main reason is the lower operating costs in Thailand compared to Down Under.

Medical clinics also do not have to contest with all the government red tape you see in first-world countries. This enables businesses to enjoy lower cost of labour along with low operational and administrative costs. Doctors are able to invest in technology and qualified labour to help ensure both quality and comfort. Without charging hefty fees from their patients.


The Best Clinics

The next phase is selecting the right Botox clinic, in light of this, here are three of the most reputed Botox facilities offering low prices, MedConsult International Clinic, Bellamode Clinic and Natchaya Clinic. All these clinics have a team of talented doctors that are trained abroad and have international degrees.


With these Botox prices in Thailand, you can casually get the procedure done while you are on a visit to the beautiful country. All clinics at Bangkok Botox have gone through a strict screening process. This includes malpractice and criminal records checks, staff qualification and professionals association membership verifications and collation of authentic patient review. Feel free to contact our customer support for more information.  

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