Cheap Botox in Bangkok Can Be the Key to a Youthful Appearance

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People who have lines and wrinkles on their face want to look younger. Getting treatments to reduce the appearance of age can be rather expensive. However, certain treatments work wonders and are affordable to boot. Yet, the rising cost of cosmetic treatments in Australia and New Zealand often dissuades people from pursuing these solutions. Luckily, you can find cheap Botox in Bangkok.

The prices of Botox in developed countries are high, but that is not the case in Bangkok. But you shouldn’t get into the procedure straight away. It is important to understand the procedure before you learn how much is Botox in Bangkok.


What Is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxic protein injected into your skin to block the nerves from sending signals to your muscles. If you have lines or wrinkles, the protein causes them to relax. This makes the skin appear smoother and younger. You can get Botox anywhere on your face. But even though affordable Botox is a great option, it will not work for wrinkles and lines caused by the harmful effects of the sun.


What Is The Cost Of Treatment?

Botox is available in units. There is a difference in the price of the substance between developed countries and Bangkok. Depending on the number of units you require, you can end up saving a significant sum of money. Looking at a price comparison between Botox prices in Australia and New Zealand and Bangkok can help.


Botox in Australia will cost you AUD $400. The same in New Zealand will set you back by at least NZD $440. This reason is why it makes sense to travel to Bangkok as you will only be paying AUD $352/ NZD $380 for the treatment. Bear in mind that these prices are for every 20 units of Botox. If you require more unit, the savings will be even more substantial.


How Many Units of Botox Are Required

The units of Botox you will require depends on the region you want treatment for. Typically, for the space between your eyebrows and nose, you will need at least 20 to 35 units. For a larger region, you would need more units. You can confirm with us how much is Botox in Bangkok. Also, get an idea of the number of units you need.


Is It Safe To Get A Botox Procedure In Bangkok?

Due to the low price of Botox in Bangkok, most people believe that the treatment quality would be low. However, this is not true. In fact, the quality of the treatment in Bangkok is on par with the best clinics Down Under. Along with affordable Botox, you can also find high-quality treatments in Bangkok.


Best Clinics in Bangkok

If you want the best price with high quality, you need to select a reputed clinic. You can easily research and locate the best clinics that offer cheap Botox in Bangkok. Here are a few reputed clinics you should consider:


Bellamode Clinic

This clinic specializes in cosmetic treatments. They offer personalized care and offer a wide range of treatments.


MedConsult International Clinic

The owner of MedConsult studied and trained in the UK. Furthermore, he has experience of 20 years in the field. You can be sure you will get the best treatment here.



The clinic has multiple branches across Bangkok. The clinic specializes in beauty and cosmetic treatments.


Apex Medical Center

Located conveniently in a tourist-friendly district, most of the patients this clinic attracts come from New Zealand and Australia. If you want quality care and cheap Botox in Bangkok, Apex is the right choice.


Botox is a great way to look younger. The procedure does not take long and results last longer than other procedures. If you are planning on getting Botox to look younger, look no further than cheap Botox in Bangkok. Also, feel free to research the top clinics in Bangkok before you make a final selection.


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