Cheap Botox in Thailand Is Absolutely Worth Making the Trip

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Botox is the best option when it comes to non-invasive and safe cosmetic treatments to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, not to mention crow’s feet. If you are beginning to see the premature signs of aging on your face, you have to take action as soon as possible. The problem is, and rightly so, people in Australia and New Zealand have a hard time setting a small budget aside for expensive Botox treatments. The best option is to go for cheap Botox in Bangkok. But keep in mind that going abroad expressly for this purpose is not worth it.

There is not a world of a difference between the prices of Botox in Bangkok and Down Under. If you are already planning to coming to Thailand, getting affordable Botox during your trip makes perfect sense. You can easily save up to thirty to forty dollars, money that you can use to further your tourism experience. Alternatively, you could just enjoy a round of drinks at a posh bar near the ocean. Either way, affordable Botox in Thailand ensures decent savings.


How Much Is Botox In Bangkok?

One of the reasons why Aussies and Kiwis opt for Botox treatment while they are in Thailand is to save money. However, to get a good estimation on just how much you can save on your procedure, the clinician will assess and determine how many Botox units you require. The procedure varies from patient to patient. And it is quite possible you may end up needing fewer units. However, it is also true that you may require more units. However, thanks to cheap Botox in Bangkok, you will still be able to save some money.


But how much is Botox in Bangkok? Generally, the average price of Botox in Australia for one unit of Botox is AUD $20. In New Zealand, the price NZD $22. A single unit if Botox in Thailand will cost you AUD $17/ NZD $18.


Why Are Prices of a High-Quality Popular Treatment Low?

Many people falsely believe that lower costs of the procedure translate to poor quality or unsafe medical practices. But that is simply not true. The fact of the matter is Bangkok clinicians offer low prices because they do not have to face stringent business policies. The concern is genuine, as the prices of medical procedures often indicate the level of quality you can expect. In the case of Botox treatments in Thailand, you do not have to settle for less in any regards, and just benefit from the low price of the treatment.


The Thai government does not impose or levy any strict regulations. With costs of running a business low, clinicians are able to reinvest in state-of-the-art technologies for safer, effective and more innovative treatment solutions. Moreover, with the cost of living low in Thailand, clinicians can source capable staff at low wages.


Top Clinics Offering Cheap Botox in Bangkok

Now that you know that you will be in safe hands and you will not have to compromise on your health just to save money, the next step is to select the right clinic. The amount of money you can save along with the level of customer service you receive depends on your choice of clinic. In light of this, mentioned below are four of the top clinics you can schedule an appointment at:



Cheap Botox in Bangkok reflects safe treatment and exceptional customer service. All these clinics have a brilliant roster of clinicians. Feel free to read more about what they have to offer here.

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