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Botox is the most reliable and effective way of getting your youth back. Nobody likes looking older than they are, but balancing your work and personal life can be stressful these days. That means getting wrinkles and fine lines. There is no avoiding them no matter what you do. The best thing that you can do is schedule an appointment with Botox clinics in Bangkok. There is not much of a difference in price per say, but if you are already planning a trip to Thailand, you might as well save some money and the get the procedure done there along with enjoying your vacations.

You will be surprised to know that more than 20 million people go to Thailand for business and pleasure. The country is well known for its hospitality, and has become one of the top destinations for medical tourism. Aussies and Kiwis are especially benefitting from cost savings on Botox treatments as it is the closest destination for them. 


How Much Money You Can Save

People always find it a relief to learn they can save money on Botox compared to getting it done at a local clinic, without compromising on quality. Bangkok is one of the most affordable cities for cosmetic treatments. Not to mention, they have the most modern equipment and a very competent staff to ensure quality solutions. Since saving money and getting the best treatment is the focal point of many Thailand tourists, here is a little cost comparison:


  • Botox in Australia: $400
  • Botox in New Zealand: $440
  • Botox in Bangkok: AUD $352 / NZD $380


Understand that these Botox Bangkok prices reflect 20 units of Botox. The only way to get a true estimate is to consult with a clinician. That is primarily because they will provide a thorough assessment of the amount of Botox you need and the scope of your treatment. However, thanks to the low costs of the procedure, you will still end up saving money. 


Why such low prices? That is a good question. The fact of the matter is running a Botox clinic is Thailand is highly cost-effective thanks to no government red tape and compliance issues. The country encourages friendly competition between clinics in Bangkok. This in turn enables certified clinicians to enjoy low labour costs and minimal administrative fees. They benefit greatly from this and can easily invest in modern technologies and innovative procedures to maximize customer comfort and experience. Rest assured you will not be getting a lesser quality treatment because of the low cost of Botox. People unware of the reasons behind the lower prices mistakenly assume lower quality must be a factor.


Selecting a Clinic

Now that you know the price, the next step is to choose the best clinic. To start here are three of the top clinics in Bangkok for Botox:



All three are reputable and highly renowned for their professional and competent staff. Moreover, many clinicians on their roster have been trained abroad and have international academic backgrounds. Most are also fluent in speaking English, making the process hassle-free.


The bottom-line is that with Botox clinics in Bangkok you can save money and enjoy your vacation or business trip in the beautiful island country. With that being said, you can make the process even easier by booking an appointment in any of the clinics of your choosing via Bangkok Botox. We perform a complete background screening of every clinic. This includes verifying the staff’s qualifications, checking malpractice records and collecting authentic reviews. 


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