Considering Cosmetic Injectibles in Bangkok?

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Cosmetic injectibles are the closest thing to magic or the fountain of youth, as they help you deal with the signs of aging. Having said that, they are quite expensive in first-world countries. For people in Australia and New Zealand, getting these injectibles in Bangkok is the best option as it is the most convenient destination offering cheaper alternatives. This beautiful Thai capital welcomes tourists including medical tourists looking for cosmetic treatments including the best fillers Bangkok has to offer and lip injections in Bangkok.


Top Clinics for Botox in Bangkok

Our team’s thorough screening process ensures that only the best clinics are added to our site. You do not need to waste time hunting for reliable clinics. Three of the best ones are:



If you are short on time, you can just select from these three and move ahead with your plan. These clinics offer the winning combination of low cost and high quality for injectibles in Bangkok. Our screening process includes things like visiting the clinics, checking their malpractice and criminal records, verifying staff qualifications and assessing the health, safety and sterilization protocols. The clinic’s equipment and facilities are also evaluated. As important as all this scrutiny is, you cannot hope to do it on your own. Thanks to us, you do not have to.


If you are wondering how much are fillers in Bangkok, check out this cost comparison to get a general idea:


  • Australia: $800
  • New Zealand: $872
  • Bangkok: AUD $500, NZD $545


So based on the number of units needed, you can enjoy some pretty decent savings. Factors such as treatment area, your skin’s health and the depth of your wrinkles and lines will determine how many units you need. The kind of filler and the skills of the professional also matter. In any case, you are sure to save money by getting it done in Bangkok instead of back home.


You should also be aware of the actual reasons behind price difference, instead of assuming that it is due to lower quality. The main reason is Thailand’s lower cost of operation, labour and materials. Moreover, the red tape that bothers businesses Down Under is not a problem in Thailand. The clinics in Bangkok are also locked in a stiff competition that keeps prices, and quality, at an optimal level.


You can also combine getting the injectibles in Bangkok with another more expensive treatment in Bangkok, or with a holiday or work. If you already happen to be in Bangkok, you should certainly consider getting them before you return. From enjoying Thai food in Bangkok’s streets to visiting the gold-spired temples, there are a lot of ways to have fun in this unforgettable city.


Getting injectibles in Bangkok does not have to be confusing or risky. We advise you to learn more about the clinics listed above. Check out the clinic descriptions, view the photos, compare prices and review the patient testimonials. With our help you can easily return home looking younger without spending through the nose.

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