Do Not Fall for These Myths and Opt for Botox in Bangkok

June 30, 2019 Bill Smith No comments exist

Do you know that Botox in Bangkok is considerably more affordable as compared to Australia and New Zealand? Over the years, an increasing number of Aussies and Kiwis are travelling overseas for cosmetic treatments. Despite the growing trend of medical tourism, there is considerable misinformation and disinformation, which dissuades people from exploring this option. You may across a number of myths and misconceptions that keep you from rolling back the years and combating the signs of aging.

The reason for this is the stigma associated with medical care in third-world countries. People from first-world countries have apprehensions about travelling thousands of miles for cosmetic treatments and procedures. At the same time, there are genuine concerns about the safety when you are out and about. When it comes to Botox in Bangkok, a majority of these concerns are indeed out of place. This reason is why you need to be able to separate myths from facts. Let us debunk a majority of the misconceptions about travelling to Bangkok for Botox:


“Poor Infrastructure”

You might assume that the infrastructure in Bangkok is not conducive for medical tourism. You may also have concerns about getting around the city and reaching the clinic where you schedule the appointment. However, you need not worry about this factor at all. The government backs the clinics in Bangkok by providing a solid infrastructure. Bangkok is among the top 10 tourist destinations in the world for a reason, and the convenience and comfort tourists enjoy is a major factor that contributes to this ranking.


“Low-Quality Treatments”

A major reason why Aussies and Kiwis travel abroad for cosmetic treatments is low prices. The Botox cost in Thailand is lower than what you spend back home. Now, you may worry that the price reflects quality. Otherwise, why would clinicians in Bangkok keep prices low? Well, to address the concern regarding quality, the beauty centers in Bangkok use the same materials, supplies, and equipment as clinicians Down Under. In other words, you do not have to compromise on quality to save money on the treatment.


“Expensive Medical Trip”

The Botox cost in Thailand is lower than in Australia and New Zealand. The price of 20 units of Botox in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $400/ NZD $440. In comparison, the same costs you AUD $352/ NZD $380 in Bangkok. The difference may not seem significant, but when you undergo the treatment on vacation in Bangkok, you save a considerable sum of money. The savings you enjoy go some way towards offsetting the cost of travel and accommodation to Bangkok. Simply put, you save money despite going overseas for the treatment.


“Obsolete Clinics”

The Botox clinics in Bangkok are among the best in the region. Do not assume that the clinics there feature obsolete technology or equipment. Rather, the Botox clinics in Bangkok are comparable to the best beauty centers Down Under in terms of technology and capabilities. The clinicians in Bangkok have the experience and expertise to perfect Botox treatments with precision. So, you get world-class Botox in Bangkok at third-world prices. Here are some of top clinics you can consider for the treatment:



As you can see, opting for Botox in Bangkok is indeed worth your while. You can save money on the treatment while also getting the chance to explore one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. The only catch is you have to select the best clinic for the treatment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team right away.


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