Don’t Fall for these Myths About Botox Treatment in Bangkok

November 29, 2018 Bill Smith No comments exist

Want to turn roll back the years on your face without spending too much? Getting Botox treatment in Bangkok is the way to go. While an increasing number of Aussies and Kiwis are discovering the benefits of this practice, some get confused after coming across some misconceptions about getting Botox injections in Bangkok. Let us take bust three common myths that might keep you from enjoy affordable and effective Botox in Bangkok.


“You Have to Compromise on Quality”

This myth arises from the difference in price of Botox treatment in Bangkok compared to that in Australia or New Zealand. Wondering how much is Botox in Bangkok? The price of 20 units of Botox in Sydney and Auckland is AUD $400 and NZD $440 respectively, while only AUD $352 / NZD $380 in Bangkok.


This price difference does not come with the hidden cost of quality because it is mainly due to the following reasons:


  • Operating costs in Thailand are much lower
  • Cost of labour and materials are also less
  • Thailand’s cost of living is less than Down Under
  • Thailand’s clinics do not have to deal with red tape like first-world businesses


People who do not know these real reasons behind the price difference mistakenly associate lower quality with the services.


“You Will Not Save Real Money After Traveling”

Your savings will depend on the number of units. And the number of units will depend on factors like the condition of your skin, the depth of the lines and wrinkles and the skill of the professional administering the treatment. Even if the price difference does not warrant a special trip to Bangkok, you can:


  • Combine it with another, expensive treatment,
  • Get the Botox while already in Bangkok
  • Plan a holiday around the Botox to spread the cost


Any of these options will help you save good money. At the very least, it will be like getting a complimentary holiday!


“It is Virtually Impossible to Find a Reliable Clinic”

Finding a good clinic in another city definitely sounds daunting, at least at first. But thanks to the pre-screened listings at Bangkok Botox you can easily zoom in on the top Botox clinics in Bangkok. For instance, clinics like MedConsult International Clinic and Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre are among the best in the region, offering the winning combination of cost and quality.

So, now you know better than to believe these myths and plan your medical holiday to Bangkok. Bangkok has long been known as a superb vacation spot. Over the past several years the beautiful Thai capital has also developed into a medical tourism hub. Beauty treatments are super expensive in first-world countries. Thailand is the most convenient alternative for people in Australia and New Zealand to save money on quality Botox.


Feel free to read more about the clinics mentioned above. You can read their descriptions, look at photos and compare prices. At any rate, do not fall for the myths we covered above and plan your Botox treatment in Bangkok without any worries.

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