Fillers Are A Great Option for Recapturing Your Youth

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If you are looking for a natural and pain-free way to recapture your youth, fillers are a safe and efficient option. They are better than plastic surgery in the sense that you will not have to take potent medications after the treatment. Moreover, they provide instantaneous results and are non-invasive. However, the treatment can prove expensive Down Under. But if you are planning to travel to Bangkok in the near future, you can explore an affordable solution. Fillers in Bangkok are quite affordable, enabling you to save money on the treatment.


Why Are Fillers Cheap in Bangkok?

The main reason why clinics in Bangkok provide high-quality yet affordable dermal fillers is the fact that clinicians do not face stringent red tape business policies and regulations. The operational costs of running a cosmetic facility are rather low compared to Australia and New Zealand. With low taxes and affordable human resources, clinicians can invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment to provide quality treatment options at low rates.


The Benefits of Fillers  

The Procedure Has No Downtime and Yields Quick Results

One of the best advantages of affordable fillers in Bangkok is the fact that you will begin to feel the positive effects of the treatment as soon as the procedure ends. The treatment takes somewhere around 15 to 30 minutes to complete based on the scope and the amount of fillers required (the doctor will assess this). Moreover, you do not have to rest for a particular period of time after the treatment, unlike plastic surgery.


The Durability Factor

Another pleasing benefit of dermal fillers is that the effects of the treatment may last up to a year. After a year or so, the chemical starts to metabolise (that is because fillers comprise of a naturally occurring enzyme in our bodies). To ensure that you reap the full benefits of the treatment, make another appointment to undergo the treatment before the enzyme metabolises entirely.


Fillers are Natural

As mentioned, fillers comprise of an enzyme that our body creates naturally, called hyaluronic acid. The treatment is completely safe, natural, and boasts numerous advantages for your skin. Your clinician will determine the condition of your skin before you undergo the treatment, giving you a clear idea of what you require.


The Amount of Money You Can Save on Fillers in Thailand

Affordable fillers in Bangkok make the procedure worth your while if you are already planning a trip to the magnificent island country. Expressly coming here for this treatment will be of no economic benefit to you. However, it is still vital to understand just how much money you can save should you decide to recapture your youth while enjoying your holidays in Bangkok. Here is a short price comparison:


  • The treatment Down Under will cost you AUD $1,009 / NZD $1,083
  • The treatment in Bangkok will cost you AUD $816 / NZD $876


So, as you can see, you can save up two hundred dollars on the treatment. Not bad at all, better yet, you can use the money to do some last minute souvenir shopping you depart for home.


Top Clinics for Fillers in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to many cosmetic clinics. However, you should short-list reputed and top-notch establishments that suit your specifications and level of comfort. In light of this, mentioned below are three of the best ones you should consider:



Fillers in Bangkok represent sheer professionalism, high-end hospitality, safety and affordability. If you want to learn more about how you can schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact our customer support.

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