Fillers Are a Great Option to Naturally Recapture Your Youth While In Bangkok

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Travelling to Thailand to spend your holidays is a great idea. Not to mention, for millions of Aussies and Kiwis, Thailand is a convenient hotspot to spending a week or two partying. That is especially true if you talk about going for Thailand’s Full Moon party. However, there is on other thing that the country has become famous for, and that are cheap fillers in Bangkok. Filler treatment is more affordable in Bangkok compared to Down Under. And there is a pretty good reason behind that.


Why are Fillers Comparatively Affordable in Thailand?

Pay no heed to what most sceptics say, which is you are going to probably sacrifice your health or compromise the quality of treatment just to save money. There is no truth in that at all. You see, dermal fillers are affordable in the city because there are no red tape policies governing cosmetic facilities in Bangkok. That means, the taxation rate is comparably lower, the operational expenditure of running the business is lower, and there are no consistent increases in administrative fees.


All this helps clinicians save a lot on working capital, money that they invest in ensuring their customers get modern and innovative treatment options. They bring in state-of-the-art medical equipment and are more customer-centric. It is quite safe to say that Bangkok clinicians are on par with Botox doctors Down Under.


Fillers Are a Safe and More Effective Option to Get Rid Of Your Wrinkles

Do you know what the best part about affordable fillers in Bangkok is? It is the fact that fillers comprise of a natural enzyme, something that our bodies produce naturally. The most active and vital component in fillers is hyaluronic acid. This is strong compound that binds with sagging facial muscle tissue, tightening them and perking them up.


Moreover, the results of the treatment are quick and visible. Soon after the treatment is over, you will begin to look and feel fresher. You will notice your wrinkles and fine lines disappearing, recapturing your younger self. However, one of best things about dermal fillers is the fact that the process requires no downtime, is quick, painless and non-invasive.


How Much Money Can You Save On Your Filler Treatment in Bangkok?

The fact that fillers in Bangkok are affordable attracts many Aussies and Kiwis. However, if you go for your treatment while you are in Bangkok, it will help to have a good idea of just how much money you can save. Mentioned below is a short comparison of what you will pay in Thailand versus what you will pay Down Under:


  • Fillers in Thailand will cost you AUD $816 / NZD $876
  • The same procedure in Australia and New Zealand will cost you AUD $1,009 and NZD $1,083


So, as you can clearly see, you can easily save up to AUD $200 on your affordable fillers in Bangkok!


The Best Clinics

Sure, you have a good understanding of the affordability factor and just how much money you can save. However, the treatment is not completely over. The next and final step is to selecting the best clinic for your procedure. Keep in mind that while Bangkok is home to many fillers and Botox facilities, it is important to choose one that are in line with your expectations and comfort level. So, to make things easier for you, mentioned below are three of the most reputed filler facilities you should consider:



To learn more about fillers in Bangkok and to schedule an appointment, feel free to get in touch with our customer support.

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