Fillers in Bangkok: Affordable and Easy

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Fillers in Bangkok are an attractive option for Aussies and Kiwis plagued by the high cost of cosmetic treatments locally. Virtually everyone wants to eliminate the signs of aging, including deep wrinkles and look younger. But high prices Down Under keep many from going ahead with it. Thankfully, you have affordable alternatives in Bangkok, the most visited city on the planet. While it may not make sense to fly out just for the procedure, you should certainly do so when you are already there whether for work or vacation.


Lower Prices

Wondering how much you can save on fillers in Bangkok? This cost comparison will clarify things:


  • Average cost of fillers in Australia: AUD $800
  • Average cost in New Zealand: NZD $872
  • Average cost in Bangkok: AUD $500 / NZD $545


You can save around 35% by getting dermal fillers while you are in Bangkok. However, most people are apprehensive about exploring this option because of the low prices. Learning about the reasons why the cost of the treatment is low will help you see there is not funny business here.


Why Prices Are Low in Bangkok

Beauty centres and clinics in Bangkok are able to offer affordable fillers thanks to a number of factors, including


  • Lower cost of operating a clinic in Thailand
  • Lower cost of materials and labour
  • Lower cost of living in Thailand compared to Australia and New Zealand
  • Absence of bureaucratic red tape, unlike Down Under
  • High level of competition between the clinics in Bangkok


All these factors enable even the best clinics to offer high-quality yet affordable fillers in Bangkok. Lack of understanding of the reasons behind the low prices often leads to myths about the quality of the treatment. Now you know better. And you will enjoy a level of hospitality there far greater than what you experience at local clinics. Not to mention the many fun things you can do in Bangkok if on holiday.


Choose a Reliable Clinic

You can get affordable fillers without compromising on quality in Bangkok, offering you great value for money. The only requirement is that you have to select a reliable clinic. Let us help you by providing you the names of three of the best beauty centres in Bangkok:



Bangkok is among the leading tourist destinations around the world, largely thanks to world-class clinics like these. We use a thorough screening process to ensure each clinic on our listing is beyond reproach. The process includes onsite visits, checking malpractice and criminal records and verifying staff qualifications.


Many people travel to Bangkok for a holiday. If you are planning to head to Bangkok for vacation or even for work, you can schedule an appointment for the fillers. Getting fillers in Bangkok while you are already there will spread the cost and maximize your savings. You can also combine it with another more expensive treatment if your doctor/surgeons approves it.




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