Four Reasons to Go to Thailand for Botox

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Botox prices in Thailand are much lower than in Australia and New Zealand but that is not the only reason why you should consider travelling for the treatment. The cheap Botox clinics in Bangkok can operate much more efficiently than their Australian and Kiwi counterparts due to the lower cost of living and high levels of competition there. However, there are three other reasons why you should consider getting Botox in Thailand.


World-Class Clinicians

The professional doctors delivering care in Botox clinics in Thailand are highly-qualified and experienced. The requirements to be a beauty doctor in Thailand are higher than in many western countries, and a number of the clinicians either completed their education and training abroad or travel overseas regularly for conferences and training. As such, the clinics adhere to international standards.


High-Quality Materials

The materials and equipment used at the more affordable Botox clinics in Bangkok are the same as those used in the rest of the word. This is important as Botox is a neurotoxic protein derived from Botulinum. The toxin is poisonous, and even fatal if ingested in quantity, but in the micro-doses used in cosmetic surgery, it merely paralyzes the muscle tissue into which it is injected. This reduces the impact of active wrinkles, making you look younger.


Easily Accessible Clinics

There are many reputable clinics in Thailand and they are mostly located near the main tourist areas. Those in Bangkok are easy to access, with premises in the centre or close to SkyTrain stations.


The clinics listed on Bangkok Botox have passed a stringent screening process that includes checks such as on-site visits, verifying all staff qualifications, and checking malpractice records. The following clinics have been verified and are highly recommended by past patients:



How Much Can You Save?

Botox is priced in units, and in Australia and New Zealand, Botox costs AUD 21 and NZD 22 respectively. In Thailand, the price is just AUD 17 / NZD 18, which is a saving of around 25%. With a typical Botox procedure using 20 units, the total costs would be:


Australia:                  AUD 420

New Zealand:           NZD 440

Bangkok:                  AUD 340 / NZD 360


Rest assured the price difference is not due to a lack of quality. The main reason behind the lower prices is the lower living expenses in Thailand combined with competition between the clinics. As patients are not tied to clinics geographically, it makes sense for clinics to reduce prices to attract international patients.


Getting Started

Getting Botox in Thailand is a good idea for a number of reasons. Contact the customer support team for more information or book online at no extra charge.


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