Get Affordable Fillers in Bangkok and Recapture Your Youth with Zero Downtime

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Cosmetic treatments, such as fillers, are becoming more popular throughout the world. Both men and women undergo the procedure. However, for people Down Under, it is becoming a bit difficult to afford the procedure as the prices keep skyrocketing, thanks to increasing capital and labour costs. But luckily, Aussies and Kiwis have a solution: cheap fillers in Bangkok.

Dermal fillers are affordable in Thailand mainly because clinicians do not have to face or comply with red tape business policies set by the government, unlike in first-world countries. The Thai government is all for friendly competition to encourage and attract more people to come to Thailand for their vacations or business and get affordable fillers in Bangkok.


And so far, they succeeded in doing just that. More than 20 million people come to the magnificent island country every year. Thousands of Aussies and Kiwis undergo the treatment while enjoying a holiday in Bangkok.


In addition, another reason why prices are low is the fact that the overall cost of living in the city is also low. What this does is enable clinicians to source professional and educated human resources at comparatively affordable prices, again unlike first-world countries. You are wrong if you think you are going to have to compromise on your health or on the quality of the treatment just to save some money.


Why You Should Go for Filler Treatments

Fillers are natural. The main and most active ingredient in filler injections is hyaluronic acid, which our bodies produce naturally. The procedure is non-invasive, pain-free, and requires no downtime at all. If you opt for comprehensive cosmetic treatments, like plastic surgery, you have to rest and take medication for a considerable period of time.


Secondly, affordable fillers in Bangkok provide instant results. You will start to see visible changes on your skin right after the procedure. Your wrinkles will disappear and your facial muscles will feel comfortably tight and perky, eliminating all those fine lines.


Fillers also last a long time, sometimes up to a year. However, the hyaluronic acid will metabolises with time, which is why you are going to have to make another appointment for filler injections. The procedure is worth your while, thanks to no downtime. Moreover, you can save money getting dermal fillers in Bangkok.


Saving a Couple of Hundred Dollars on the Procedure

Now you know why fillers in Bangkok are cheap. However, it is also important to know just how much you will be spending on the procedure before you set an appointment. For starters, to know the exact amount, your clinician will assess the situation and determine how much hyaluronic acid you require. But thanks to the low cost of raw materials and related products, you will end up saving money. In light of this, mentioned below is a brief comparison of filler prices between Down Under and Bangkok:


  • Cost of the Treatment Down Under: AUD $1,009/ NZD $1,083
  • Cost in Bangkok: AUD $816/ NZD $876


The Best Clinics

Selecting a reputed clinic that suits your expectations and comfort must also be a top priority. Fortunately, for you, mentioned below three of the best clinics for filler treatments you must consider:



All these clinics feature state-of-the-art equipment along with a welcoming, qualified team. Moreover, the staff speaks English fluently, enabling you to understand the procedure in detail before you go ahead.


To learn more about fillers in Bangkok, compare prices and to get more information on how you can schedule an appointment easily, feel free to contact our customer support.

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