Get Affordable Fillers in Bangkok Before Returning Home!

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If you are planning to get a cosmetic makeover to get your youth back and eliminate those wrinkles and fine lines, fillers are a great option. Sure, they are expensive in Australia and New Zealand. But if you are coming to Thailand to spend some quality time with your family or have a business conference to attend, fillers in Bangkok are quite affordable and you will end up saving a some money. If you are already planning a trip to the island country. Keep in mind; the difference in price does not warrant expressly coming for this treatment to Thailand.

In Thailand, more than 20 million people come from all around the world to have a nice time. Many of these also get medical and cosmetic treatments there. And fillers in this regard are quite a popular option. Enjoy your vacations and look young again all in one trip! However, it would be a good idea to schedule an appointment after you are done with most of your trip so that you can relax after the treatment just a day or two before taking off.


Dermal fillers are natural, painless and will help loosen all those tight facial muscles caused by daily stress and anxiety. If you have heard of natural and organic, home-based treatments, know that they seldom work and even if they do, it will take a long time and effort to get rid of your wrinkles. Nobody likes looking older than they actually are so if you are coming to Thailand, get a filler procedure done.


Best Clinics in Thailand for Fillers

Sure, you will save some money on your treatment, but the key is choosing the right clinic. Luckily, Bangkok has a slew of reputable and credible clinical facilities that offer innovative and painless filler treatments. In light of this, here are three of the best clinics you should shortlist:



All these clinics incorporate state-of-the-art equipment, the best and most competent clinical staff and clean and comfortable environment. It is safe to say that the clinics are easily on par with the ones in Down Under. Moreover, the clinicians and cosmetic doctors have been trained abroad have international academic backgrounds. Most of them also speak fluent English.

The Cost of Fillers Throughout Bangkok

The total estimate will vary from person to person. Your clinician will be able to accurately tell you how much the entire procedure is going to cost. They will first make some assessments and determine how much filler you will need. However, because the price of raw materials and filler products is low, you are still going to end up saving money no matter how much product is required. The more units you need, the more you will save.


Generally, the procedure will cost you AUD $1,009 and NZD $1,083 in Australia and New Zealand. However, in Bangkok the same procedure is going to cost you AUD $816 / NZD $876.


Why The Low Prices?

The main reason for the lower prices is the lower operating costs in Thailand. Living costs in Thailand are not that high, enabling clinicians to easily invest in modern technologies and hiring competent staff without driving up costs.


In Bangkok, the government encourages friendly competition amongst businesses, which is why clinicians do not have to face any government red tape. So they are able to attract millions of people every year with their affordable yet high quality treatments.


Fillers in Bangkok should be a good motivator for you get the procedure done the next time you come to Bangkok. Schedule your appointment through Bangkok Botox for a reliable and hassle-free process.

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