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A popular method used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles is dermal filler treatment. This is non-invasive and the results are noticeable almost immediately. Unfortunately, the treatment can be expensive in western countries, but in places like Thailand, you can get low-cost yet high-quality fillers affordably. The clinics in Bangkok charge less but are reliable and ensure quality. Read on to find out more about dermal fillers in Bangkok:


Well-Equipped Clinics

Affordable dermal fillers in Bangkok are available in modern and contemporary facilities that have the latest technology at their disposal. These clinics employ strict hygiene regimens and employ experienced and specialist clinicians. We check and visit every clinic listed, and the following have been highly recommended by past patients:



Experienced Practitioners

Clinicians in Bangkok are more highly qualified than clinicians overseas as Thailand has quite strict regulations on who can deliver treatment such as dermal fillers. The clinicians are fully-qualified doctors in many cases, but most are unable to work in Thai hospitals as they refused to work for 3 years outside of Bangkok, which is part of the qualifying process for family reasons. As such, they are experts with years of experience in treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox. Many regularly undertake courses and training abroad to improve their skillset.


How Much Can You Save?

Dermal fillers in western countries can be expensive but fillers in Bangkok cost less, as shown in the price comparison below.


On average, 20 units of filler are required for normal procedures. In Australia, 20 units cost AUD 800, and in New Zealand, it costs NZD 872. If you visit Bangkok for fillers you will only be charged AUD 500 / NZD 545, which is a saving of over 30%.


The savings are not as high as some invasive treatments as the main cost component is the filler itself. The filler costs the same around the world, and although the staff and other costs are lower, it would not make sense to travel to Bangkok just for the procedure. However, Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world, so if you are travelling there for a holiday, business, or other cosmetic surgery, you could save a few hundred dollars quite easily.


Thailand is a Beautiful Destination

Thailand is one of the top 10 destinations in the world because of its beautiful beaches, exotic cuisine, and amazing nightlife. You will always find something to do or see in this fascinating country, and you can add to that with inexpensive filler treatment before returning home looking younger.


Getting Started

Getting dermal fillers in Bangkok is affordable and available in high-quality clinics. Book an appointment online at Botox Bangkok or contact the customer care team for more information.


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