Getting Botox in Bangkok is a Smart Idea

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Indeed that is true. Botox in Bangkok is comparatively cost-effective than at clinics Down Under. Although the price difference is not staggering, you will still end up saving money. It may not be a smart idea to expressly come to Thailand for a cosmetic treatment such as Botox. But if you are already planning to come to the country whether for business or recreation, it is wise you hit two sticks with one stone.

Botox is quite easily one of the most popular and effective treatments for eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. Not exactly a cheap solution for people in Down Under, numerous of Aussies and Kiwis come to Bangkok to get the treatment done while enjoying the nice tropical beaches of the city.


More Cash to Enjoy Some Decent Shopping

The Botox cost in Thailand is much lower than what your local beauty centre may charge. To get an exact cost estimate, you will have to sit down with the clinician. While Botox is affordable in Thailand, your clinician will be in the best position to tell you how much you can save. They will assess the situation and tell you how much units you require and the length of the procedure.


In Bangkok, 20 units of Botox will cost you AUD $352 / NZD $380. The same amount of units in Australia and New Zealand will set you back AUD $400 / NZD $440 on average. Saving forty to fifty dollars will not seem much if you are specifically coming to Thailand for Botox. But if you are coming here for a business meeting or to catch a well deserved break from work, it makes perfect sense to get it done there before you return. More than 20 million people come to Thailand for various cosmetic treatments, including Botox.


Reputed and Experienced Doctors

Another reason to get Botox done in Thailand is that you will find some of the most talented and credible clinicians there. Botox clinics in Thailand employ some of the most qualified and competent clinicians. A majority of the top rated clinics for Botox have internationally trained and educated doctors. Our team conducts a through background check to ensure only the best clinics are added to our porta.


Well-Equipped Clinical Facilities

Botox clinics in Bangkok are equipped with modern equipment for all sorts of cosmetic procedure. Suffice it to say they are on par with the clinics in Down Under. Moreover, the clinicians incorporate the use of quality Botox products, which means you will never have to settle for less. Do not think that you will have to compromise your health because of low costs. Clinicians in Thailand are able to offer such prices and top-notch customer care because of lower operating costs. Lack of federal red tape governing how they should run their business also helps control costs. With lax business regulations aimed at increasing tourism to the country, clinicians enjoy low labour costs and mitigate several first-world overhead expenses.   


Top Three Clinics

So now that you know you do not have to settle for less and the value for money provided by Thailand botox clinics, here are three of the best places to get the treatment:



So there you go, some all the reasons you should consider getting Botox in Bangkok. However, it can be a bit of a hassle doing a thorough research of the clinics you select. That is perhaps the most important aspect of selecting the best clinic. At Bangkok Botox, we help ensure that the credibility and qualifications of the clinicians stated are not false. Our thorough background includes staff qualification verifications and criminal and malpractice records checking.

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