Getting Botox in Bangkok Sounds Right

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Botox treatment in Bangkok is guaranteed to turn back the clock without spending too much money. If combined with a nice holiday in Bangkok, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it would make for a fantastic week or two, which is why many Aussies and Kiwis are doing just that. The Botox clinics in Bangkok are much more affordable and offer the same quality as clinics Down Under.


About Botox

It is important to learn about Botox treatments before catching a flight to Bangkok as it is a long way to go and discover it is not for you. Botox is an abbreviation of Botulinum Toxin, a chemical protein that causes paralysis in the human body. It is completely safe when injected in small doses into tissue beneath lines and active wrinkles, where it paralyzes the muscle, making the lines and wrinkles less prominent.


Botox is a non-invasive procedure so you can return to your routine without delay. As long as you avoid strenuous physical activity, excessive periods of time in the sun and too much alcohol for a couple of days it is harmless. You may be tempted to enjoy the sun and water sports while in amazing Bangkok so it is best to schedule the Botox treatment at the end of a visit after you have enjoyed the fun-filled activities.


How Much Can You Save?

As you will see from the price comparison below, the price difference is not enough to justify a visit to Bangkok just for Botox. Most either combine treatment with a holiday, a business trip or other cosmetic or dental surgery. There are many affordable hotels and Airbnb listings in Bangkok, which when combined with the lower Botox cost in Thailand means that it is a competitive alternative.


An average Botox procedure uses 20 units, and you can save approximately 20% in the Land of Smiles:


Australia                   AUD 420

New Zealand            NZD 440

Bangkok                   AUD 340 / NZD 360.


Recommended Clinics

Clinics listed on Bangkok Botox have all passed our extensive screening process which includes conducting on-site visits, checking malpractice records, and verifying staff qualifications. The following clinics have passed these checks and have been highly recommended by past patients:



Getting Started

Undergoing Botox treatment in Bangkok is an alternative if you have a reason to visit. You just need the right information, guidance, and planning. Feel free to read more about the clinics listed above and do not hesitate to contact the customer support if you have any questions.


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