Going to Bangkok? Don’t Miss Their Affordable Botox

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Botox is arguably the quickest way to dealing with signs of aging on your face. Sure, you might say natural remedies work, but you are going to have to admit that they are pretty slow. While Botox is a simpler solution, most people in Australia and New Zealand find it difficult to afford this treatment due to ridiculously rising cosmetic treatment costs. However, they found a brilliant way to work around that thanks to affordable Botox in Bangkok. Yes, this tourist destination also offers quality Botox solutions for less.

More than 20 million tourists visit Thailand every year, to have the times of their lives or to attend business conferences. If you happen to one of them, consider getting Botox done in Thailand. You can save some money compared to getting it done at your local clinic.

You are definitely going to save a few bucks getting excellent treatment in Bangkok. The price difference is not enough to warrant a special trip to Bangkok just for the treatment. But if you are already planning to come to Thailand, do not miss the chance to save some cash as you turn back the clock with Botox.


The Botox cost in Thailand is low due to one major reason – and that is lower operating costs. Lack of bureaucratic government red tape also helps keep costs down. The Thai government encourages friendly business competition between different clinics spread across Bangkok. Plus, with the cost of living in Thailand already low, clinicians do not have a difficult time hiring the most competent clinical assistants and general staff at low labour costs. All this allows them to invest in modern clinical equipment and focus on providing you first-rate dental care at low rates.


How Much Cash Can You Save?

The main reason that you would go for Botox treatments while in Thailand is the lower price factor of course. You are already there, why would you not get the best treatment, look young again, and save money at the same time?! However, before you do that, check out the price comparison of Botox in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.


In Thailand, you can get 20 units of Botox for AUD $352 / NZD $380. In comparison, the cost of the treatment back home is AUD $400/ NZD $440 on average. Rest assured the price difference does not come with the hidden cost of lower quality.


Experienced Botox Clinicians

The professionals operating Botox clinics in Bangkok are among the most experienced in the region. They have the skills and expertise to perform the treatment efficiently and safely, just like you would expect from your local, pricier Botox place. Many of these Botox professionals receive their training abroad, which means their credentials are on par with their Aussie and Kiwi counterparts. Three of the top facilities in Bangkok for Botox are:



Clinics like these make Bangkok a top spot for medical tourism. Rest assured we thoroughly screen each clinic before adding them to our site. From checking criminal and malpractice records to verifying staff qualifications and dental association memberships, we do the legwork for you. After all, there is only so much you can do on your own to vet the foreign clinics.


Bottom line – do not miss Botox in Bangkok if you are going there. Feel free to learn more about the three clinics named here. Read their descriptions, look at photos and read customer reviews to better understand the clinic. You can contact our customer support with any questions you have and easily make an appointment through us.

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