Holidaying in Thailand? Enjoy Cheap Botox in Bangkok

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Thailand has become a popular holiday destination for millions of tourists around the world. The hospitality and amenities of the country attract people from across the globe. But apart from tourism, Thailand is also a medical tourism hotspot. A lot of people, especially Aussies and Kiwis, come here for different types of cosmetic treatments while they are on vacation, hitting two sticks with one stone. Cheap Botox in Bangkok is one of the many attractions that pulls in people from first-world countries.

Botox is an incredible solution to regaining your youthful self. Nobody likes to look five or ten years older than they actually are. And everybody in this fast-paced world is subject to a lesser or higher degree of stress and anxiety throughout the work and personal lives. The stress and tension can negatively affect your skin, forming wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, medical insurance in Down Under do not cover Botox treatment costs, which is why so many people just sweep this issue under the rug. Lucky for you, if you are planning a trip to Thailand, you can get affordable Botox treatment and enjoy your time in this beautiful island country.


Botox Pricing in Bangkok

So how much is Botox in Bangkok? The price of Botox treatment is the major reason why people get the procedure done in the beautiful Thai Capital. Here is a brief low down at what you will have to pay back home and the money you can save in Bangkok clinics:


Keep in mind that these prices reflect 20 units of Botox and depending on the amount required, you may have to pay more for your treatment. But thanks to overall low costs, you will still end up saving more money.


Per 20 units, the cost of Botox in Down Under is AUD $400 and NZD $440. In Bangkok the same will cost only about AUD $352 / NZD $380.


Why The Low Costs?

Sure the prices do not translate into great savings if you are specifically coming to Thailand to get Botox. It does make plenty of sense if you are already coming to the country. Why get the treatment done at your local clinic when you can save money on your vacation in Thailand?


Botox costs in Thailand are low because clinicians do not have to worry about high administrative fees and labour costs. With no government red tape and strict compliance, clinicians can focus on investing in state-of-the-art equipment without driving up costs. Moreover, the materials cost for running Botox clinics are strikingly lower compared to first-world countries.


To top that off, some of the best clinics in Thailand have a team of exceptionally trained and educated doctors and clinicians. A majority of cosmetic doctors come from an international academic background and are trained abroad. They have considerable experience providing safe and fast treatments.


Top Botox Clinics

Nothing is more important than selecting the best doctors and clinics for a quick assessment and treatment plan. So long as you choose a reputable clinic, you will get the best of cost and quality. Add these four of the most reputed Botox clinics in Bangkok to your short list:



All four incorporate a friendly, competent staff, great doctors and state-of-the-art equipment for innovative and safe treatments. You can say they are on par with clinics in Down Under.


To make things even more efficient when it comes to cheap Botox in Bangkok, it is wise to state your queries or make an appointment via Bangkok Botox. Our comprehensive screening ensures all our listed clinics credible, reputed and safe.


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