How Much Can You Save on Botox in Thailand?

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Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles and keeps them from contracting. This makes the wrinkles soften and relax. But this wildly popular beauty treatment does not come cheap. Thankfully, low Botox prices in Thailand continue to attract a growing number of medical tourists. Many of these are from Australia and New Zealand, for whom Thailand is a very convenient medical tourism destination.


Botox Prices in Thailand

Since lower prices are the main motivation for getting Botox in Thailand, you should have an idea of the potential savings. Here is the price difference (based on 20 units of Botox):


  • Australia: $400
  • New Zealand $440
  • Bangkok: AUD $352 / NZD $380


The best thing about these numbers is that they do not represent a lower standard of treatment. Bangkok has plenty of world-class beauty centres. So long as you find the the best Botox clinics in Bangkok, you can enjoy top-quality Botox. To help you in this regard, here are three of the most reputable clinics in Bangkok offering Botox treatments:



These are modern, well-equipped clinics that are run by experienced professionals, including certified Botox clinicians. Many people wonder is Botox safe in Bangkok. The answer depends on whether you find a reliable clinic. Now you have three names to go on so you do not have to worry about quality.


Why So Affordable?

Plenty of factors make Thailand an inexpensive destination for Botox, among other treatments. These include:


  • Lower cost of operating
  • Lower cost of labour and materials
  • Lower cost of living
  • Lack of bureaucratic red tape
  • Stiff competition among clinics


So it is not a matter of cutting corners or using low quality products. The country’s economy helps them offer prices that your local Botox centres simply cannot.


The prices you saw above are good estimates; make sure to look at individual clinic prices as well for a better idea. The number of Botox units you need will vary based on the target area, how many and how deep your lines and wrinkles are, and the skills of the clinician administering the Botox injections.


Many people get Botox in Thailand while already there, whether for work or vacation. If you are planning a holiday, you can get Botox treatment before coming back. The effects of the Botox can last from two to five months. With virtually no recovery time, you can return to your normal activities in a few hours. You will start to see improvement in frown lines and wrinkles as quickly as within a few days. Not to mention enjoying a nice vacation in this vibrant Thai capital.


Feel free to learn more about the clinics mentioned above and enjoy the amazing Botox prices in Thailand. Check out the clinic’s photos, read descriptions and compare their prices. The effects may be priceless but you do not have to pay through the nose for it.

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