How Much is Botox in Bangkok, Thailand?

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Getting Botox injections in Bangkok is a great idea that many people from the UK, Australia and New Zealand are discovering. Botox in Bangkok is cheaper and of the same quality as they would get back home. Thailand has been a popular holiday destination for a long time. In recent times it has also emerged as a leading medical tourism hub.


How Much is the Price Difference

Why not enjoy the low Botox price in Bangkok compared to Sydney? Since price is the biggest attraction, you should have an idea of how much you can save on Botox by getting it in Bangkok. Check out the price comparison for Botox (per 20 units):


  • Sydney: $400
  • Auckland: $440
  • London: £220
  • Bangkok: AUD $352, NZD $380, £194


You can also save money on dermal injections:


  • Sydney: $800
  • Auckland: $872
  • London: £437
  • Bangkok: AUD $500, NZD $545, £273


So are there any hidden costs? Thankfully, no. Not if you choose a reliable clinic. The main reason behind the lower prices is the lower operating and materials costs in Thailand. Moreover, the red tape that affects businesses in first-world countries is largely absent in Thailand. The clinics in Bangkok also share a healthy competition that keeps their prices from escalating.


Visit the Top Clinics in Bangkok for Botox

The best Botox clinics in Bangkok are run by well-versed professionals and they use high-quality products. So you can get Botox injections in Bangkok without worrying about quality. If you are looking for some suggestions, here are some names you should keep in mind:



Thanks to clinics such as these you can turn back the clock on your face while spending much less money or risking low quality Botox. Trading dollars for health is never a good idea. The key is heading to a well-equipped clinic run by competent and reliable professionals.


Work or Vacation

You can combine the Botox treatment in Bangkok with a holiday if you have been thinking about taking a vacation. This will spread the costs in case you think flying out just for the injections does not make sense. Some great experiences in Bangkok include:


  • Jim Thompson House
  • Wat Pho
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Wat Phra Kaew
  • Grand Palace
  • Wat Arun
  • Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha)


Bangkok is a city of contrasts. As such it offers something for everyone, creating unforgettable experiences for all kinds of visitors. Whether you are a fan of golden-spired temples, bustling streets, or five-star hotels in skyscrapers, Bangkok will not let you down. This brilliant Thai capital knows how to have fun, while also providing a peaceful sanctuary for those looking for it.



So, if you get Botox injections in Bangkok, you will return home looking and feeling younger while saving money. Feel free to read more about the clinics listed above. If you are on a work trip, get the Botox after your important meetings. You can always extend your stay and enjoy all the wonderful things Bangkok offers before you head back, rested and rejuvenated.

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