In Bangkok? Consider these 3 Clinics for Botox

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The best way to get your youthful appearance back is choosing an effective Botox treatment. It is safe, reliable and can give you the results you wished for. They help you overturn, to a good extent, the toll anxiety, stress and aging takes on your face as wrinkles and fine lines. And if you do not do anything about them, you will end up looking years older than you actually are. However, you also have to contest with the rising prices of Botox in Down Under clinics. That is why if you plan to head to Thailand for a business conference or just for a holiday, consider the many Botox clinics in Bangkok.

More than 20 million people come to Thailand for its medical tourism. And a majority of those people are from Australia and New Zealand because it is a convenient holiday destination for them. So, if you are one of those people you have a great opportunity to save some money on your Botox procedure in Bangkok.


Keep in mind that while there is not a stark difference in prices between your local clinics and the ones in Bangkok, you can still some money. Money that can be spent on enhancing your travelling experience in Thailand. Choosing Botox Bangkok will only make sense if you are already planning to come to the beautiful island country.


Why is Botox in Thailand Cost-Effective Yet High Quality?

The primary reason that Thailand has become a popular country for medical tourism is its lower operating costs for businesses. Their government encourages friendly business competition and there is no red tape governing Botox clinics and other cosmetic businesses in cities like Bangkok. This enables even the top Botox doctors and clinicians to spend more on modern technology, hire competent staff without charging too much. In addition, the living costs in Bangkok are also low, and that allows them to drive the price of raw materials essential for Botox treatment down. 


The Price of Botox in Thailand

Here is a good comparison of the cost of Botox in Bangkok compared to Australia and New Zealand. It is important that you know this prior to getting treatment:


  • Botox in Australia: $400
  • Botox in New Zealand: $440
  • Botox in Bangkok: AUD $352 / NZD $380


Also, keep in mind that the prices quoted above reflect 20 units of Botox. Your clinicians will be able to give you a total estimate once they determine how much units of Botox you require. The more units you need, the more you save.


Choosing the Best Clinics

After you decide to get your Botox treatment whilst in Thailand, the next step is to select the right clinic. One that is in-line with your specifications and comfort. In light of this, here are three of the top clinics in Bangkok:



The locations are conveniently for tourists and all three clinics have incorporated best industry practices along with integrated modern technology and competent medical staff. In addition, the doctors are trained internationally and have an extensive amount of experience along with foreign education. Moreover, a majority of clinicians in Bangkok speak fluent English. So do not worry about any language barrier.


To make things even more hassle-free, it would be a wise decision to book an appointment via Bangkok Botox. Our screening process includes:


  • Checking criminal and malpractice records
  • Conducting onsite visits
  • Verifying staff qualifications and professional association memberships
  • Collecting authentic patient reviews


So rest assured that all Botox clinics in Bangkok on our listing are on the level. Feel free to learn more about the clinics listed above and contact our customer support for more information.


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