Is Botox Affordable in Bangkok?

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If you want to look young again and are planning a trip to Bangkok you should take advantage of the affordable Botox prices in Thailand. Botox is a brand name and it is short for Botulinum, a toxin which paralyzes facial nerves and muscle tissue. This stops the muscle that work under the active wrinkles, making your face look younger and less creased.

Thailand is a popular holiday destination, with Bangkok one of the most visited cities in the world. If you are travelling there for a holiday, business, or other cosmetic treatment then you should consider adding a Botox treatment whilst you are there.


Why is Botox Affordable in Thailand?


The reason why you can undergo the treatment from high-quality yet inexpensive Botox clinics in Bangkok is because the government supports medical tourism in Thailand. They impose lower taxes, which when combined with the lower cost of living makes it more affordable.


How Much You Can Save?


Botox treatments are more reasonably priced in Bangkok, although the saving you make will not cover the cost of flights and accommodation. As the main cost component is the Botox itself the difference is not huge, but over a number of injections it does add up.


  • Australia:         AUD $400
  • New Zealand: NZD $440
  • Bangkok:        AUD $352
  •                         NZD $380


After Procedure Precautions


There is little time taken with the treatment and the downtime afterwards is minimal. However, you should follow these tips to ensure you have as little difficulty as possible.


Stay Hydrated

Bangkok has a humid climate, and drinking a couple of glasses of water now and then is not enough. Your skin needs to stay hydrated, especially considering you have just received Botox injections, so keep a bottle of water with you when you travel around the city or take advantage of the many drinks vendors selling ice-cold drinks.


Only Use Moisturizers Recommended By the Doctor

Your Botox doctor will inform you of the night creams, sun tan lotions, and other moisturizers you can use after the treatment. These creams contain chemicals that may cause irritation so be sure to discuss this with your doctor.


Plan Your Trip

Physical activity and water sports such as jet-skiing, paragliding, and bungee jumping are major attractions in Thailand. However, post-surgery it is important to relax after the treatment so that Botox can synthesize with your skin cells.


Recommended Clinics


Bangkok is a popular destination for Botox treatment, and the following clinics have been recommended highly:


Getting Started


Botox prices in Thailand are much more affordable than in the west. Schedule an appointment online or feel free to contact our customer support if you need any assistance.





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