Is it a Good Idea to Get Fillers in Bangkok?

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If you have been tirelessly trying to save money to get cosmetic fillers but so far could not, you would be happy to know that fillers in Bangkok cost less. One of the best things about getting cosmetic treatment in Thailand is the fact that the country is renowned for a booming medical tourism industry. A lot of Australians and Kiwis come to Thailand for fillers and botox procedures; and to enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

With so many options to choose from, you can easily access some of Bangkok’s most renowned and cutting-edge cosmetic clinics offering affordable prices and premium customer service. Sure, the difference in price in fillers does not warrant a special trip just for the treatment. But it makes sense to have the procedure done if you are already planning a trip to Thailand.


A Brief Look into What Fillers Do for Your Skin

With a fast-paced lifestyle and the stress of maintaining a successful balance between your work life and relationships, it is common to get premature signs of aging. This overwhelmingly masks your youthful appearance, making you look older than you already are. But the reverse is also true, if you starting to naturally look old, you can get the procedure done too.


There are no over-the-counter medications for conveniently eliminating those wrinkles and fine likes at home. Dermal fillers are an effective remedy for getting rid of those signs of ageing nice and clean. The fillers are natural and safely injected into your skin, gently stretching your skin, making it appear, as it once was, smoother and suppler. In addition to getting fillers for wrinkles and fine line, you can also opt for the procedure to add more shape to your lips and enhance your cheeks. However, is imperative that you discuss the full scope of the procedure with your cosmetologist. They will ensure that you get exactly what you need in terms of your skin-type and age. 


Access to Reputed Clinics in Bangkok

Top-notch clinics in Bangkok offer a wide variety of customer services, and they are run by cosmetologists that have exceptional experience and training performing all kinds of filler treatments. You would also be happy to know that many clinicians have a foreign academic background and they all speak English. Three of the top filler clinics in Bangkok that offer a safe and comfortable environment with the best treatment methodologies are:



What Will Filler Treatment Cost You In Bangkok?

The average cost of the entire procedure differs from one individual to next depending on the amount of fillers needed, the type of treatment required and the scope of the procedure. Check out a price comparison that shows how affordable fillers in Bangkok are:


  • Filler Treatment Australia: $1,009
  • Filler Treatment in New Zealand: $1,083
  • Fillers in Bangkok: AUD $816 / NZD $876


It is clear as day, you can, save up to $100 by getting the fillers in Bangkok. Why spend those extra hundred? You can even save more depending on how much filler you require and where you need it.


Fillers in Bangkok is the way to go if you are heading to this tropical paradise. Nevertheless, it is also wise to get a more detailed look into the clinics mentioned above. This will give you more clarity as to the services offered. Check out the testimonials, pictures of the clinics and before & after shots. If you do your homework, getting fillers in this beautiful Thai capital is a very good idea.

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