Is it Safe to Get Fillers in Bangkok?

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A lot of Aussies and Kiwis are getting fillers in Bangkok. Many of them get it while they are already visiting the city, while others plan a holiday along with the beauty treatment to spread the cost. The lower filler prices in this beautiful Thai capital is too good to turn down. But is it safe to get fillers in Bangkok? Let us find out.



The Price Difference

First, let us see how much you can expect to save by getting fillers in Bangkok. Here is what a typical fillers session will cost you in Bangkok versus back home:


  • Australia: $800
  • New Zealand: $872
  • Bangkok: AUD $500 / NZD $545


The main reason why people question the safety of getting cheap fillers in Bangkok is this fantastic price difference. But once you know the real reasons behind the low cost of dermal fillers in Bangkok, you will not doubt the quality.


The Reasons for the Difference

Above all, Thailand’s lower cost of operations accounts for the inexpensive services. The lower cost of labour and materials also helps keeps cost down. The country’s cost of living is also much less than in first-world countries like Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, the red tape that bothers businesses Down Under is largely absent in Thailand.


On top of that, the beauty clinics in Bangkok are locked in a stiff competition, all vying for your attention. They know the best way to sustain a successful practice is to offer quality fillers despite the lower prices. And Thailand’s economics helps them do that without compromising on quality.


When people fail to understand these reasons, they fall prey to the myth that getting fillers in Bangkok is inherently risky. Word of mouth matters quite a lot in the industry as well. So the best clinics are committed to offering the same quality of service you would expect back home. In fact, you will enjoy a certain hospitality in Bangkok that you would not get at your local beauty centre. That is because in Bangkok you are treated not just as a client, but as a tourist.


The Top Clinics

The only “catch” to getting fillers in Bangkok is finding a reliable clinic. To help you in this regard, here are three of the best beauty centres in Bangkok offering quality fillers and related treatments:



Bangkok has been a popular tourist destination long before there were Facebook or smartphones. Now thanks to clinics like the ones listed above, this lively Thai capital is also a leading hotspot for medical tourism. These are among the most modern and well-equipped facilities manned by experienced specialists.


Feel free to learn more about the clinics listed above and get the best fillers in Bangkok. Not to mention you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in this vibrant city. If you are already visiting Bangkok, a quick visit to a Botox clinic seems to be in order.

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