Is it Worthwhile to Fly Out to Bangkok for Botox?

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The best way to revitalise your facial features and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines is getting Botox injections. The treatment is painless, non-invasive and the results are almost immediate. However, Botox is a bit pricey Down Under. But Aussies and Kiwis have an affordable way for recapturing their youth and saving money, and that is through low Botox prices in Thailand.


The Reason Why Botox is Affordable in Bangkok

Many people who do not know how the system works in Thailand feel excessively sceptical. They falsely assume that you have to compromise on your health or the quality of the treatment just to save money. There is no truth to that at all. The reason you can take advantage of cheap Botox clinics in Bangkok is the fact that there are no red tape business policies. Yes, the government encourages optimal competition amongst clinicians.


They help lower operational and administrative costs. This enables the cheap Botox clinics in Bangkok to invest in modern medical equipment and technologies to provide affordable and safe treatment. In addition, what drives costs even lower is the fact that the cost of living in Bangkok is also low. This enables clinicians to employ competent and educated staff and assistants at affordable rates.


So, what is Botox? Botox is a protein chemical that helps tighten your facial muscle tissues and nerves, perking up the loose skin, which is what causes wrinkles. Moreover, Botox also treats other medical complications that surface due to wrinkles, such as excessive sweating and headaches. Although it is yet not clear how Botulinum Toxin curb frequent headaches, experts believe the chemical numbs the pain receptors in the brain. And, no pain signals means headaches.


This is How Much You Save on Your Botox Treatment in Thailand

Now that you understand why Botox prices in Thailand are so low, the next phase of business is to understand exactly how much money you will save. In light of this, mentioned below is a price comparison between Down Under and Bangkok:


  • The per unit price of Botox in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $20/NZD $22
  • In Bangkok, the price is AUD $17/ NZD $18


So, on average, you will save up to thirty-five to forty dollars on your Botox treatment, depending on the number of units you get. The clinician will assess the condition of your skin and determine the quantity of Botox you require. The more units you need, the more money you will save. However, thanks to the low cost of Botox products and raw materials, you will still end up saving money regardless. But keep in mind that saving this much money does not justify expressly coming to the magnificent island country. But if you are already planning a trip here, then by all means, go for your Botox treatment there!


Reputed Botox Clinics You Should Consider

So, you now know what is Botox and how much money you can save on the treatment in Bangkok, the journey is not over yet. There is still the matter of selecting the right Botox clinic. Yes, Bangkok is popular for being home to hundreds of Botox clinics, but that does not mean you should just schedule an appointment at any facility without batting an eyelid. You must always consider reputed and top-notch clinics that adequately reflect your expectations, comfort and specifications. In light of this, mentioned below are three reputed clinics:



If you wish to learn more about how you can compare Botox prices in Thailand, or want more information on how you can easily schedule an appointment, feel free to get in touch with our customer support.

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