It is a Smart Move to Undergo Botox Treatment in Bangkok

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Botox in Bangkok is undeniably more cost-effective than treatment options offered at your local clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, it is safe to say that the cost of cosmetic procedures in Down Under is going to steadily increase due to rising costs. It will be difficult for many people to afford quality and effective treatment.

However, if you are already planning a business or vacation trip to Thailand, it will be a wise decision to get your Botox procedure in Bangkok. You will end up saving money while at the same time enjoying the best of what Bangkok has to offer. But expressly travelling to the beautiful island nation for this procedure will not be worth it. After all, you have to factor in the cost of travelling to and staying in Bangkok.


Botox cost in Thailand is low due to one major reason. And that is the fact that the Thai government does not levy any strict red tape policies on Botox clinics. That is part of the reason why Thailand is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world.


Moreover, with no red tape constraints, the cost of running a business in the country is considerably low. This gives clinicians a window of lucrative opportunity to invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment and technologies to provide innovative procedures and high-quality customer care.


The Botox clinics in Bangkok have a roster of some of the best clinicians and overall staff the in the country. Moreover, most doctors have international academic backgrounds and received their training and education abroad. The medical assistants they hire are also competent and qualified. And because of the low cost of living, they do not have to pay high salaries, unlike their counterparts in Australia and New Zealand.


Save More Cash to Accentuate Your Tourist Experience!

The price of Botox in Bangkok reflects 20 units. But thanks to the low cost of supplies and materials, you will still be able to save money regardless of the number of Botox units the treatment requires. However, keep in mind that for an exact estimation of the cost of the procedure, your clinician will first assess your situation and analyze the number of units you require.


So, without further ado, here is a quick look at the price comparison between the Botox cost in Thailand and Australia and New Zealand. In Bangkok, 20 units of Botox will cost you AUD $352/ NZD $380. The same number of units in Australia and New Zealand will set you back AUD $400 / NZD $440 on average.


Sure, saving forty to fifty dollars will not seem much if you are specifically travelling to Thailand for Botox. However, if you are already planning to travel to Bangkok, you can schedule an appointment and undergo the treatment. This reason is why you should learn about getting the treatment in Thailand. Moreover, you can relax while you are in Bangkok, before returning home, looking younger and feeling fresher.


Top Three Clinics

So, now that you understand the reason behind the low prices charged by Botox clinics in Bangkok, the next step is short listing some of the most reputed Botox facilities for a comfortable and streamlined experience. Here are three of the best clinics you can go for:



All in all, opting for Botox in Bangkok is a great way to recapture your youth, save some money and get the best in quality and comfortable treatment. If you want to learn more about the clinics mentioned above or need information on how to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact our customer support.

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