Learn About the Best Clinics for Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok

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Countless people from Australia and New Zealand visit Bangkok to get affordable beauty treatments. To get the best of cosmetic surgery in Bangkok, you need to find the right clinic. Let us take a closer look at four of the top clinics that offer the best of medical tourism in Bangkok.


Bellamode Clinic

Bellamode is located in Wattana District, Bangkok’s energetic and classy locality. The clinic is considered among the best clinics for Botox and cosmetic surgery in Bangkok and is the first international branch of Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital, Korea’s leading hospital. The clinic is driven by the hospital’s CEO’s philosophy that looking good is embedded in human nature.

The well-trained and experienced team works hard to bring this vision to life by providing the best cosmetic treatments. They combine art and science to give you a natural-looking yet beautiful look that impresses you and then everyone you meet.


MedConsult International Clinic

Bangkok’s uptown and trendy Thonglor neighbourhood is the home of MedConsult. People have been getting excellent beauty treatments here since the clinic’s inception in 2003. In addition to Thai, the staff is well-versed in English so international patients from Down Under can easily get the best experience without any hassle.

Dr Donna Robinson, MedConsult’s owner, has trained in the UK and has practiced in Thailand for 20 years. Among the few foreign doctors in Thailand to hold a Thai Medical License, Dr Donna is known for providing a holistic solution for every patient. She is a fully qualified Botox and dermal filler clinician.


F Clinic

F Clinic has four conveniently located branches across the city. The clinic provides a comprehensive beauty solution, offering the best of Bangkok’s injectable treatments. They specialize in beauty, cosmetic and skin treatments. You will benefit from the clinic’s specialist team that is second to none in medical aesthetics.


Among the cosmetic surgeons here is renowned cosmetic specialist Dr. Atiya Rungjang. They also provide breast augmentation surgery. Geared towards international patients, the clinic is open six days a week. You can pay here with cash, Visa or MaserCard.


Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre

Founded by a team of new-generation doctors in 2007, Nirunda is located in Bangkok’s most respected medical building the Emporio Place Tower. The founders’ international outlook, foreign education and use of cutting-edge technology drives this clinic to provide the most innovative yet inexpensive beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery in Bangkok.

You will love the family-like service the clinic is known for providing. Your health and satisfaction is Nirunda’s top priority. After carefully evaluating your condition, the specialists here will advise the best solution for your needs to deliver a natural, beautiful look.



All of these clinics offer the best Botox prices and quality. From lower liposuction costs to affordable surgery, these beauty centres help you save money while delivering an invaluable beauty treatment. Pick any of the above clinics to enjoy the best of cosmetic surgery in Bangkok. You will be turning more heads without having to pay through the nose!

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