Myths Regarding Fillers in Bangkok

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If you want to reduce the appearance of aging you should consider getting dermal fillers. In the west, fillers can be more expensive, so people from Australia and New Zealand travel overseas for treatment. Dermal fillers in Bangkok are high-quality and affordable, but some are reluctant to travel to Bangkok due to myths about the treatment offered there. The following myths are untrue and should not stop you travelling:


“Only Low-Quality Clinics are Affordable”

One of the biggest myths about dermal fillers is that the best clinics are not less expensive. Even the best clinics are able to reduce costs compared to the west due to the low cost of living in Thailand. The clinics use price as a promotional tool to attract customers knowing that they will make money even at lower prices.


As a result, prices are more reasonable. In Australia, you would pay AUD 800 for 20 units of fillers, with the same procedure costing NZD 872 in New Zealand. If you get fillers in Bangkok you will only have to pay AUD 500 / NZD 545 which is a saving of over 35%.


Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.


“Bangkok is Not a Good Holiday Destination”

Thailand is a beautiful place and one of the most popular tourist locations in the world. Bangkok itself is the most visited city in the world, so the affordable dermal fillers can be the excuse for a visit. Spend a few days at the exotic tourist destinations or even make the short trip to the beach and return home looking younger than before.


If you are travelling to Bangkok for a holiday, business or other cosmetic surgery, then affordable dermal fillers can be done quickly and with no downtime.


“The Clinicians Are Not Experienced”

Clinicians in Bangkok are held to higher standards than clinicians in western countries such as the UK, and many have years of experience performing the procedure. Many of the practitioners studied or have attended conferences overseas, so they are fluent in English and aware of international standards.


“Bangkok is Unsafe”

Bangkok is safe, and although like all big tourist areas there are some pickpockets and scam artists, violent crime is rare. You will be able to walk around any part of the city without fear.


“The Clinics Use Inferior Quality Fillers”

Clinics do not use inferior quality materials, which is one of the reasons the savings are not lower. If a clinic is offering much greater savings then they may not be able to access the best materials, which is important, especially if you are having a top-up. Be sure to ask your clinic where they source their fillers from if you have any concerns.


The following clinics have been checked to ensure they only use the very best materials for dermal filler injections:



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