Overview of Bangkok’s Top Botox Clinics

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If you are in town on business or holiday, cheap Botox in Bangkok is a great option to take care of the wrinkles, fine lines, and other indicators of aging. Affordable Botox continues to be impossible to find for Aussies and Kiwis locally. The beauty centres Down Under charge a pretty penny for the treatment. But Bangkok, the world’s most visited city, allows you to roll back the years and look younger for much less. Select a reliable clinic for the procedure and you are good to go.

Bangkok’s growing reputation as a medical tourism hotspot means that finding information about the top clinics there is easier than ever. Use a portal to like this one to learn about the most reputable facilities. We personally visit the sites, verify staff qualifications and check malpractice and criminal records. Clinics such as Bellamode Clinic, Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre, Natchaya Clinic and F Clinic offer high quality yet cheap Botox in Bangkok. Here is a brief overview of these facilities that drive medical tourism in Bangkok.


Bellamode Clinic

The CEO of Bellamode understands that looking great is an integral part of human nature. The team at the clinic operates on this principle, offering world-class cosmetic treatments in a comfortable setting. Their facility is located in the Wattana District. And it is the first overseas location for renowned Korean hospital, the Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital.


Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre

This clinic was founded over a decade ago with a view to cater primarily to overseas patients. The doctors at this clinic received their training and education abroad, offering a family-like service to all. Their facility is located in the famous Emporio Place Tower.


Natchaya Clinic

This clinic operates on the philosophy of complete satisfaction and safety for all patients, offering affordable treatments. The convenient location of the clinic makes it easily accessible for medical tourists. And you can find a place to stay near the clinic without much hassle!


F Clinic

This clinic runs four branches in the city, catering to patients both from abroad and locally. The reputation of the facility is solid, offering their services throughout the week. Their team includes Dr. Siwat Luanruksa, the well-known cosmetic surgeon, and Dr. Atiya Rungjang, reputable dermatologist.


Affordable Botox in Bangkok

The main reason people from Australia and New Zealand travel to Bangkok for Botox is the low cost of the treatment there. Wondering how much is Botox in Bangkok? Just compare the prices (based on 20 units of Botox):


  • Australia: AUD $400
  • New Zealand: NZD $440
  • Bangkok: AUD $352 / NZD $380


You can also enjoy these rates while enjoying a holiday in this beautiful Thai capital.


The reasons the prices are lower include lower cost of materials and labour in Bangkok as compared to Down Under. Moreover, the overall cost of living and operating a clinic there is significantly lower as well. Feel free to learn more about these clinics offering cheap Botox in Bangkok.




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