Reputed Botox Clinics in Bangkok You Should Consider

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If you are tired of looking older than you are, the best option for you is Botox treatment. But the thing is if you are from Down Under, the cost of the procedure will set you back a lot. Due to rising costs of labour and materials, Botox facilities in first world countries have no option but to consistently yet continually raise prices. However, you still have a fighting chance. If you plan to head to Thailand for your vacations, Botox clinics in Bangkok offer affordable and quality treatments.

With over 20 million people visiting Thailand every year, many Aussies and Kiwis also go for Botox while enjoying their time on the beautiful island. However, you have to keep in mind that the difference in prices is not significant.


So, expressly coming to Thailand for your Botox will not make much sense at all considering so many other costs. But if you are already planning a well-deserved leisure trip to the country or have some business there, you can benefit from the low Botox prices in Bangkok. Thailand is a popular hub for medical tourism, attracting patients from all around the world.  


Decent Savings

It is always a good feeling to know that you can save some cash on a cosmetic treatment like Botox, especially considering the rising costs of cosmetic procedures Down Under. Apart being a magnificent tourist destination, the excellent cosmetic facilities offer low Botox prices in Bangkok.


Not to mention, the Botox clinics in Bangkok in the city feature state-of-the-art technologies to ensure safe and high-quality assessment and procedure. So, you do not have to worry about compromising health or quality against saving money.


Since the drive to save money is the main reason why Aussies and Kiwis go for Botox Bangkok side, here is a short glance at the prices:


  • Botox in Australia: $400
  • Botox in New Zealand: $440
  • Botox in Bangkok: AUD $352/ NZD $380


Keep in mind that this pricings reflect 20 units of Botox. To gain an exact estimation of the total cost of the treatment, your clinician will first assess the number of Botox units you require. However, due to the low cost of Botox materials and products, even if you end up need more units, you will still save money by heading to Botox clinics in Bangkok.


Low Costs for Botox – What is the Reason?

The reason why Bangkok clinics for Botox can offer low prices with high quality is because they do not have to face any bureaucratic red tape. The Thai government encourages friendly business competition among the clinics so they can attract more tourists. And they have been successful at achieving that. With low costs of business operations and administrative fees, clinicians are able to invest in high quality products and equipment.


Selecting a Clinic

Now that you understand why Botox prices in Thailand are low, the next step is selecting the most reputable facility for your treatment. In light of this, mentioned below are some clinics you must consider for affordable Botox in Bangkok:



All these Botox facilities are popular and reputed establishments that offer top-notch Botox services along with other cosmetic procedures. Moreover, these facilities have a roster of some of the most professional and experienced clinicians in the country. You will also be happy to know that some doctors and staff members speak fluent English. On top of that, most doctors received training abroad and have international academic backgrounds.


For more information on Botox clinics in Bangkok, feel free to reach our customer support at Bangkok Botox.

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