Review the Best Clinics for Fillers in Bangkok

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Fillers give you younger look by filling in facial wrinkles. Fillers in Bangkok help you do that while spending less. If you happen to be in this beautiful Thai capital you should consider getting this cosmetic solution before you go back. Why not return without the wrinkles and creases thanks to the cheap fillers in Bangkok? An accomplished filler specialist will make the lines and wrinkles virtually vanish.

A fillers session that might cost you around AUD $800 and NZD $872 in Australia and New Zealand respectively will only cost about AUD $500 or NZD $545 in Bangkok. If possible, you can combine the filler treatment with a more expensive medical treatment, or with a holiday to spread the costs. A lot of US-trained international doctors are working at medical tourist destinations such as Bangkok.


Apex Medical Centre (Main – Ploenchit)

This branch is situated in Khlong Toei District, a classy and tourist-friendly locality in Bangkok. They provide affordable cosmetic and dermatology solutions for local and international patients. Aesthetics specialist Dr Nantapat Supapannachart founded the clinic in 2001 and leads the clinic even today.

The Apex group has numerous branches throughout Thailand. All of these provide first-rate, affordable cosmetic treatments including dermal fillers. You can relax at the peaceful Lumphini Park close by. From walking to paddle boating the park offers several activities while a weekend food market is also present in the area.


Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre

A band of new-generation doctors founded Nirunda in 2007. These founders were educated abroad, had an international outlook and focused on state-of-the-art technology. This combination of qualities helps them deliver affordable yet world-class beauty treatments to local and foreign patients.

The clinic is situated in Emporio Place Tower, the city’s most renowned medical building. In addition to affordable fillers, patients receive a family-like service at Nirunda. They will deliver the most natural and beautiful results based on a careful assessment.


F Clinic

You can head to one of four branches in Bangkok. The group is renowned for providing the best beauty and skin beauty treatments. If you are looking for fillers in Bangkok, this clinic will not let you down.

The surgical staff at F Clinic includes prominent cosmetic surgeon Dr Siwat Luanruksa and Dr Atiya Rungjang, a highly respected cosmetic specialist and dermatologist. Focusing on foreign patients, the clinic operates six days a week.


Thanks to Thailand’s lower cost of operation and materials, affordable cost of living and lack of red tape, even top clinics like these remain affordable. People unware of these reasons mistakenly assume that lower quality must somehow be responsible for the cheap fillers in Bangkok. Moreover, Bangkok is the most convenient medical tourism destination for Aussies and Kiwis.


You can head to any of these clinics to get the best fillers in Bangkok. The fillers can also be used to improve the look of imperfections such as scars, plump up your cheeks and contour the jaw line. Make sure all risks and side effects are explained to you.


The effects of the fillers will last for six to nine months. Finding the right clinic is the key to making the most of fillers in Bangkok. Feel free to learn more about the three mentioned above and see which one you like most.




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