The Best Botox Clinics in Bangkok

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Botox in Australia and New Zealand is expensive so an increasing number of people are opting for Botox treatment in Bangkok. However, some people are sceptical about the quality of the procedure in Thailand despite the number of successful treatments carried out every day, so here is an overview of Botox in Bangkok to give you a better understanding of why it is safe and reliable as well as inexpensive.


Reasons for the Lower Prices


Many people speculate that the Botox cost in Thailand is low because of a lower standard of the treatment there but this is not true. Botox is a branded product so the cost of that is fixed, but the staff costs and overheads are much lower. As a result, the cost of the treatment is reduced, and these savings are passed on to the patient.


Also, cosmetic clinics in Bangkok bring in many medical tourists which boosts the local economy, and therefore receive support from the government in the form of lower taxes. Again, this allows the clinic to work on a lower cost basis, and reduces the price of treatment.


Competition Between Clinics


The level of competition between Botox clinics in Bangkok is high, especially for international patients. With treatment for Botox and dermal fillers requiring top-ups, it makes sense to gain repeat business. Therefore, the prices remain low and the quality of care remains high.


The following clinics have been highly recommended by our past patients:



Quality Materials


The savings you can make on Botox in Thailand are less than other cosmetic surgeries as the cost of Botox is fixed internationally. As a result, the only savings available are on staff and other costs. The clinics use the best quality materials, which ensures the quality of care remains high.


How Much Does Botox Cost?


You can save nearly 20% on the cost of Botox in Thailand compared to Down Under, as shown in the comparison below.


  • Australia: AUD 400
  • New Zealand: NZD 440
  • Bangkok: AUD 352 / NZD 380


Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.


Getting Started

Now that you know how reliable the Botox treatment is in Bangkok, you should start planning your trip. You can easily book an appointment at Bangkok Botox online or contact the customer care team for more information.





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