The Best Clinics in Bangkok for Botox

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If you are visiting the city, you should getting Botox in Bangkok. You will find plenty of excellent clinics that offer quality Botox for less. A lot of people from Australia and New Zealand take advantage of the cheap Botox in Bangkok. While there is no one undisputed best clinic for Botox in Bangkok, there are a few names you should consider. World-class clinics such as Bellamode Clinic, Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre and Natchaya Clinic provide the best Botox solutions in Bangkok. Let us take a closer look at these.


Bellamode Clinic

Planted in the city’s lively and classy Wattana District, Bellamode is one of the best clinics in the city for Botox in Bangkok. It is the first international branch of the renowned Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea. They define their goal to create beautiful and natural results by combining art and science. The state-of-the-art clinic has a reputation for caring for patients as a family member. These values drive everyone at the clinic from dentists to support staff, making a top choice for Botox.


Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre

This clinic was founded in 2007 by a team of new-generation doctors. Their foreign education and international outlook enables them to provide an exceptional experience to medical tourists. The clinic is situated in the Emporio Place Tower, the most respected medical building in Bangkok. Nirunda only uses high-quality brands; delivering the best combination of cost and quality. You will also like the family-like service they provide in addition to a natural look.


Natchaya Clinic

Driven by the philosophy “beauty is in good hands”, Natchaya Clinic is among the best places for Botox in Bangkok. Ensuring patient satisfaction and clinical safety, they attract a lot of people from Down Under looking to turn back the clock on a budget. The clinic is located outside the congested downtown; with convenient transportation and accommodation options in the vicinity. Natchaya is led by Dr Mani who is a liposuction specialist and aesthetic surgeon.

All three of the above are among the most sought-after clinics in Bangkok for Botox treatment. The winning combination of quality treatment, low prices and hospitality makes them hugely popular for people Down Under.


Affordable Botox

Check out this cost comparison for Botox prices (per 20 units):


  • Australia: AUD $400
  • New Zealand: NZD $440
  • Bangkok: AUD $352, NZD $380


Depending on the number of units you can save quite a bit on your Botox by getting it done in Bangkok. If the price difference does not warrant a special trip, you should certainly consider it while you are already there. Some people get a bit suspicious because of the price difference. But more of them are realizing that this is merely a reflection of the lower operating and materials costs in Thailand compared to countries like Australia and New Zealand.



Feel free to read more about the clinics mentioned above. All in all, getting Botox in Bangkok is a great idea. You can combine the treatment with a holiday or work trip as suitable. At any rate, you will return looking younger with more money left in your bank.

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