Turn Back Time for Less with Botox in Bangkok

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Getting Botox is a popular and effective way of reducing the signs of aging but the costs of treatment and top-ups soon start to add up. Many people in Australia and New Zealand look to reduce costs by heading to Botox clinics in Bangkok as the price of treatment is much lower there. While the price difference is not enough to warrant flying out just for Botox, it is certainly a good idea if you are already travelling there already for a holiday, a business trip or other cosmetic or dental treatment.  


What is Botox?

Botox is abbreviated from Botulinum Toxin, which a chemical protein that can be poisonous in high doses. However, when it is injected into the muscles under your skin in small doses, it removes lines and active wrinkles, making you look younger. It works as the muscle is paralyzed by the toxin, and as a result ,cannot tense and cause the wrinkles in the skin above.


What Happens After the Procedure?

As Botox is a non-invasive treatment not much happens post-procedure. You could even hit the nearby beaches as the worst-case scenarios is a little swelling and bruising. You should remember to drink lots of water as it helps with the healing.


How Much Can You Save?

Thanks to the lower operating costs and living expenses in Thailand, Botox clinics in Bangkok offer high-quality services for much less. You can expect to save around 35% on Botox compared to the prices at home. In Australia and New Zealand, a single Botox unit costs about AUD 21 and NZD 22 respectively, whereas, in Bangkok, the average cost per unit is just AUD 17 / NZD 18. As a typical Botox session uses 20 units, the price difference will be as follows:


  • Australia: AUD 420
  • New Zealand: NZD 440
  • Bangkok: AUD 340 / NZD 360


High-Quality Clinics

If you are thinking the lower Botox prices in Bangkok are because of a lack of quality, rest assured that is not the case. Botox clinicians in Bangkok have to be more qualified than clinicians in some western countries.


Additionally, the clinics in Bangkok are state-of-the-art facilities and provide a modern and comfortable feel. The difference in price is due to Thailand’s lower cost of living, which leads to lower operating costs. High levels of price competition for international patients reduce the price even further.


Three of the most popular clinics for Botox in Bangkok, all of which have passed a series of stringent checks including on-site visits are:



Getting Started

Botox clinics in Bangkok are affordable and high-quality. Feel free to contact our customer support for more information or book online at no extra charge.


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