Visiting Bangkok? Get Affordable Botox before Returning

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According to Forbes, Bangkok is among the world’s most visited city. For the past three years, the city in Thailand has welcomed more tourists than any other destination on the planet. And if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people heading to Bangkok, why not get Botox treatments there? You cannot put a price on looking young and radiant. Yet, the price for cosmetic procedures in Australia and New Zealand is quite prohibitive. Thankfully, Botox in Bangkok is relatively affordable.

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Save Money on Botox in Bangkok

The Botox cost in Thailand is lower than Down Under. You can conveniently afford the treatments without having to break the bank. Bangkok is a popular destination for Aussies and Kiwis seeking to eliminate wrinkles and other signs of aging. The reason is evident: you can save money on the treatment. Here’s a comparison of the price of Botox between Australia/ New Zealand and Bangkok (per 20 units of Botox):


  • Price in Australia: AUD $400
  • Price in New Zealand: NZD $440
  • Price in Bangkok: AUD $352 / NZD $380


The price of dermal fillers and other cosmetic treatments is low as well in Bangkok as compared to any city in Australia or New Zealand. You might feel that the money you are saving on the treatment does not make a trip abroad worth your while. However, if you are visiting Bangkok on business or for a vacation, you can schedule a Botox session while you are there. You can explore your options and opt for the best Botox in Bangkok without giving an arm and a leg.


Receive High-Quality Botox Treatment

Don’t assume that the reason the cost of Botox is lower in Bangkok than back home because of a drop in quality. The prices are low for entirely different reasons, including:


  • The low cost of living in Thailand
  • The low cost of labor and materials
  • Absence of red tape allowing facilities to operate without inflated costs
  • The high level of competition among clinics in Bangkok


Being aware of these factors gives you complete peace of mind about getting the treatment in Bangkok. In most cases, people are apprehensive about undergoing Botox procedures overseas due to concerns over the quality of the treatment. The only catch is that you have to select the right clinic for the session. Some of the best clinics in Bangkok include:


  • Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre
  • MedConsult International Clinic
  • Bellamode Clinic


Many doctors and Botox clinicians trained in the US work at Bangkok’s top clinics such as these. We recommend that you check out their credentials as you shortlist the clinics. And you can always combine a host of fun holiday things in Bangkok with your Botox treatment.


Feel free to learn more about the clinics mentioned above. As you read their descriptions, look at photos and read reviews you will be better able to select the ideal clinic for affordable Botox in Bangkok.




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