Why Are Fillers in Bangkok So Affordable?

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Many Aussies and Kiwis are apprehensive about getting dermal fillers in Bangkok because they believe that the lower prices for cosmetic treatments there means they have to compromise on quality. In reality, the clinics would not have customers if this was the case. Here is how clinics in Bangkok keep their prices low:


Lower Staff Costs

If you are wondering why dermal fillers are so affordable in Bangkok, you should know that it is due to the availability of qualified but affordable staff. The low prices do not mean the quality of the materials is inferior to what the clinicians in Australia and New Zealand use, but the cost of employing someone to deliver them is.


The cost of living in Bangkok is significantly lower than in Sydney or Auckland so the highly qualified practitioners do not need high salaries by western standards. With personal income tax low too, the doctors have a great lifestyle on a lot less.


As a result, clinics can go the extra mile on service and still keep prices low. You will notice a lot more nurses and auxiliary staff than at home, and still undergo a low cost procedure.


How Much Can You Save?

As a result of the lower staff costs, you can save nearly 40% on the cost of dermal fillers. The actual saving will depend on the amount of filler required, but here is a sample comparison:


  • Australia: AUD 800
  • New Zealand: NZD 872
  • Bangkok: AUD 500 / NZD 545


The savings are not nearly substantial enough to merit a trip thousands of miles away from home but if you are travelling to Bangkok for business, a holiday or other cosmetic treatment, it is a saving worth making.


Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.


Lower Overheads

Clinics in Bangkok have lower overheads compared to their counterparts Down Under. Thanks to the low rents, electricity, water, and other bills, the average cost per treatment is much reduced.



The level of competition between the cosmetic centres in Bangkok is high which encourages clinics to keep prices low and maintain high standards. Clinics offering affordable fillers in Bangkok rely on repeat business as fillers are temporary and need topping up, so they do not compromise on quality at any point.


Recommended Clinics

The following clinics in Bangkok offer high-quality fillers at inexpensive prices according to our past patients:



Getting Started

Dermal fillers in Bangkok are reasonably priced for a number of reasons, so you should plan a trip to Thailand and combine dermal fillers with your holiday, business or cosmetic surgery. Book an appointment at Bangkok Botox by contacting our customer support or book online at no extra charge.





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