Why Aussies and Kiwis Choose Botox Clinics in Bangkok

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We all want to look younger and Botox is among the most popular ways to do that. But the treatment is not exactly cheap. Botox clinics in Bangkok offer an affordable alternative, especially convenient for Aussies and Kiwis. Let us take a closer look at the main reasons why people from Down under get Botox in Bangkok.


Save Good Money

This is by far the biggest draw. So how much is Botox? Check out the price comparison based on 20 units of Botox:


  • Australia: $400
  • New Zealand $440
  • Bangkok: AUD $352 / NZD $380


The number of units you need will vary based on factors such as the application area, depth of creases and wrinkles and skills of the person administering the treatment. A lot of people from Australia and New Zealand get Botox treatment while already in Bangkok.


If you happen to be there on business for instance, why not schedule a session after your meetings? People also sometimes combine Botox with a vacation to spread the costs to cover this beauty treatment. Medical tourism is among the top traveling trends across the globe and the lower prices at the destinations drive this trend.


Get Top Quality Botox

Just because you are paying less does not mean you have to settle for lower quality. If you are thinking is Botox safe in Bangkok, you are not alone. So long as you find a reliable clinic, you do not have to worry about quality.


Top Botox clinics in Bangkok include:



Thanks to clinics such as these, medical tourism is growing rapidly in Thailand. Contrary to what some people mistakenly believe, Bangkok has its fair share of modern, well-equipped Botox clinics run by experienced professionals.

Learn about these clinics and stick to your choice. The industry thrives on word of mouth and the most competent and smartest Botox professionals in Bangkok understand the importance of providing quality treatment despite low prices. Their country’s economic factors, such as lower cost of living, cost of labour and materials and lack of bureaucratic red tape enables them to offer Botox for much less.


Enjoy a Holiday

Thailand is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. And Bangkok, the captivating capital of Thailand does not disappoint medical tourists. If you have been thinking about taking a vacation, you can plan one in Bangkok. And before you return, get Botox to turn back the clock on your face. You will impress everyone with your youngish looks when you head back. Feeling rejuvenated is the whole point of a vacation anyway!


Feel free to learn more about the Botox clinics in Bangkok listed above. Make sure to schedule your appointment after you are done with your other activities, whether work or vacation. You can then recover in peace far away from your daily routine, relaxing in beautiful Bangkok before you head back home.

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