Why Botox Prices in Thailand Will Pleasantly Surprise You

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Though Botox is primarily a cosmetic treatment, men and women also sometimes opt for the fillers for medical reasons. Often, laxity in the facial muscles or tightening of the nerves can lead to medical issues, like excessive perspiring and headaches. Not to mention, wrinkles and fine lines are not a pleasant sight. And yet these are not covered by insurance. And Botox in Australia and New Zealand is not exactly cheap. Luckily for you, the Botox prices in Thailand are considerably lower.

Thailand is one of the top medical tourism destinations, with Bangkok being the world’s most visited city. People from around the world are travelling to Thailand not just for Botox but for a number of other cosmetic procedures. Nonetheless, the cheap Botox clinics in Bangkok are the main reason why you should consider this option. So, how much does Botox cost in Thailand and how much can you save? Let us find out:


Price Comparison: Cost of Botox Down Under vs. Thailand

As mentioned, Botox prices in Thailand are lower than what you would have to spend on the treatment at a local clinic. A price comparison can give you a clear idea. In Australia, the average cost of one unit of Botox is AUD $20. The corresponding price in New Zealand is NZD $22. In comparison, cheap Botox clinics in Bangkok charge just AUD $17 / NZD $18 for the treatment. Keep in mind that there is no fixed standard regarding the number of units you will need. Simply put, you can save a lot of money by opting for Botox in Thailand. The price difference and presence of world-class clinics continues to drive medical tourism at such destinations.


The Botox clinician will assess the condition of your facial skin before deciding on the number of units you need. The volume of Botox required will vary from patient to patient. You may feel that the savings per unit might not justify the hassle and cost involved in travelling to Thailand. If you have a clear idea of what is Botox, you would know the treatment is not invasive or intricate. Is travelling thousands of miles for a procedure that takes less than an hour reasonable?


What you need to know is that you can easily undergo the treatment while you are already in Thailand, whether for business or on a vacation. Over 20 million people head to Bangkok every year, and if you are among them, you can benefit from the Botox prices in Thailand by scheduling an appointment during your trip.


Do You Have to Settle for Less?

A common concern medical tourists’ face when travelling overseas for cosmetic treatments is that the cost savings are too good to be true. You may assume that there is a catch. That for instance, you might have to compromise on quality to save money. Thankfully, this is not the case when it comes to Botox in Thailand. The beauty centres there are home to experienced medical staff and clinicians, who administer the treatment with perfection. These professionals are well-versed with what is Botox and adhere to the highest standards of this discipline. So long as you choose a clinic such as Bellamode Clinic, MedConsult International Clinic and Natchaya Clinic, you will get the best treatment.


So, despite the low Botox prices in Thailand, you can expect the quality of the treatment to be on par with what you may receive at a clinic in Australia and New Zealand. Feel free to learn more about the clinics mentioned above and visit one most convenient for you.




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