Why Getting Cheap Botox in Bangkok is a Great Idea

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Getting a Botox treatment is a great way to appear younger. If you want to get quality Botox at a low price, you should consider cheap Botox in Bangkok. Most people are apprehensive about travelling abroad for cosmetic treatments. Even the low prices do not serve as a major attraction when you have to travel thousands of miles. In the case of Bangkok, the low prices of cosmetic treatments do not reflect the quality. In other words, Affordable Botox does not come at the cost of quality. No wonder Aussies and Kiwis are warming up to this idea.


Why Is Botox In Thailand Cheap?

There are multiple reasons why you can easily find affordable Botox in Thailand. Firstly, the overall cost of operating a clinic is much lower in Bangkok than Down Under. The clinicians can hire qualified staff at reasonable wages, and the prices of supplies and materials are also low. Therefore, they can keep overall costs low, which translates to low prices. So, when you consider the option of cheap Botox in Bangkok, do not assume that you have to settle for inferior quality just to save a few bucks.


The government also promotes healthy competition amongst the clinics. Clinics have to make an effort to keep their standards up to attract more customers. They understand they have to attract customers by maintain quality and offering lower prices. This keeps the competition in Thailand stiff and makes it an ideal medical tourism destination.


The Price

So, how much is Botox in Bangkok? Clinics calculate the price of Botox in units. Typically, a unit of Botox in Australia would cost AUD $20. In New Zealand, one unit of Botox sets you back by around NZD $22. The same unit in Bangkok would only cost AUD $17 / NZD $18. Depending on the number of units you require, you can end up saving a substantial sum of money.


Should You Travel To Thailand for Botox

Considering how much is Botox in Bangkok, it is definitely a good idea to go there for the procedure. However, it is not a good idea to go there just for one procedure. The cost savings on Botox alone doesn’t justify the trip. If you are already travelling to Thailand, you can stop by for a Botox treatment. Another great option for getting cheap Botox in Bangkok is scheduling multiple procedures.


In Bangkok, you can find a variety of medical procedures at competitive prices. You can research these procedures and how much they cost. You can then plan a single trip for these procedures, which means saving thousands of dollars. The cost savings can offset the cost of travelling to and staying in Bangkok.


The Best Clinics in Bangkok for Botox

Selecting the right clinic for a Botox procedure is really important. You might be able to get a good price anywhere, but the treatment quality is what matters. You should consider one of the following clinics if you are looking for cheap and good quality treatment:



The staff here is really helpful and will give you a walkthrough of the entire procedure. They offer a variety of treatments under one roof.


Naravee Aesthetic Clinic

This clinic offers private rooms where you can stay after the procedure. The care they provide is exceptional and the staff is well trained.


Absolute Beauty Clinic

The staff at Absolute Beauty Clinic is fluent in English. The facility itself is conveniently located in the main shopping neighbourhood.


Nirunda International Aesthetic Center

This clinic, founded in 2007, has since become a trusted name for Botox procedures.

It is not just important to find cheap Botox in Bangkok. You also need to consider renowned clinics to ensure you get the best care. Feel free to research these clinics further before you make a final choice.

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