Why is Botox Cheap in Bangkok?

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Botox is the most viable and popular treatment for getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Men and women both choose this type of cosmetic treatment to enhance how they look as well as to get their youthfulness back. Nobody like being repeatedly told that they look older than they are. Cheap Botox in Bangkok attracts millions of Aussies and Kiwis who plan to come to Thailand for tourism. The number one cause of laxity build-up in your face is due to tight nerves, which are caused by stress and daily anxiety. Apart from this problem, tight facial muscles can also cause other medical complications such as frequent headaches and excessive perspiration.


Why the Low Cost of Treatment in Thailand?

The main reason is it costs much less to operate a clinic in Thailand than it does in Australia or New Zealand. Clinics there also do not have to deal with government red tape that drives up costs in first-world countries. So clinicians are easily able to investment more time and money into buying state-of-the-art technologies and hiring competent staff while on a smaller budget.


You will also be happy to know that most cosmetic doctors and clinicians are trained abroad and have international academic backgrounds. A lot of them also speak fluent English so you enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free experience.


The Cost of the Treatment

So how much is Botox in Bangkok? Well, it is lower than what you would have to pay at the clinics in Down Under for sure! Here is an average price comparison that will help you see the broader picture, keep in mind the prices stated here reflect one unit of Botox.


In Australia, the average cost of one unit of Botox is AUD $20. The price in New Zealand is NZD $22. However, in Thailand, clinicians will charge you AUD $17 / NZD $18 for the procedure. Understand that there is no fixed standard regarding the amount of units you will require. In simpler words, you can save money by choosing Botox in Thailand.


Sure, there is not a world of difference between the prices at your local clinics compared to the prices in Thailand. So traveling to Thailand just to get Botox treatment may not be a smart move. But it does make a lot of sense of you are already planning to come the country. You can enjoy the beautiful island country along with undergoing a reliable and cost-effective Botox procedure to look young again.


No Compromise on Health or Quality

After realizing how cost-effective Botox really is in Thailand, people sometimes think they may have to compromise on their health or the quality of treatment. Not true at all! As mentioned earlier, the running and operational expenses of Botox clinics in Bangkok are low due to lower operating costs and lack of bureaucratic red tape. There are able to source high quality Botox products are low costs, which translates into low cost for the end consumer.


The Best Clinics

The closest thing to a catch is finding a reliable clinic. Some of the best facilities for Botox throughout Bangkok are:



Despite cheap Botox in Bangkok, you will never have to worry about low quality treatment or compromising your health. You will always get the best treatment available. Moreover, if you want to book an appointment and make the experience as easiest as possible, schedule one via Bangkok Botox. All clinics on our site have gone through thorough screening.

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