Why Is There So Much Hype about Botox in Bangkok?

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People from Australia and New Zealand are frequently travelling to Bangkok for medical tourism. This is not only due to the fact that Bangkok is one of the top ten travel destinations in the world. One of the main reasons people are travelling to Bangkok is getting Botox treatment. This treatment is quite expensive Down Under. However, opting for Botox in Bangkok can help you save a substantial amount of money. Tourists travel to this exotic destination to relax and get a treatment to look younger.

Not only do you get a great Botox cost in Thailand, but the facility is also topnotch. If you are already there for vacation, it is a great idea to get Botox. In fact, you are better off opting for the treatment when you are already in Bangkok for a vacation or business. Of course, you can combine your medical trip with a vacation. Botox clinics in Bangkok have the best doctors in the region and you will love their work. Here is a look at what the hype is about:


Significant Savings

A single unit of Botox in Australia or New Zealand could cost you as much as AUD $20 and NZD $22, respectively. On the other hand, the same unit in Bangkok will only cost you AUD $17 and NZD $18. If you require Botox on a larger area, the savings would be even more significant. Typically, you could require as much as 20 units for a simple forehead treatment. Therefore, you are looking at savings of about 15%.


Why the Treatment is Priced So Low

Botox in Bangkok may be priced low, but there is no compromise on quality whatsoever. In fact, the treatment will be equal to, if not better as compared to clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Botox clinics in Bangkok benefit from low operational costs. The low operational costs help the clinicians keep prices low.


Furthermore, the cost of materials in Bangkok is low as well. Of course, if the materials used in the procedure aren’t expensive, the treatment will be cheaper. One of the most important factors that allow clinics to keep the prices low and quality high is the cutthroat competition. There is high competition amongst clinics in Thailand. This compels them to keep their prices low to attract more customers.


Qualified Doctors

Botox clinics turned the city into a medical tourism destination, thanks to the qualified doctors who operate the clinics. These doctors studied abroad and comply with international standards. After completing their studies abroad, they returned to Bangkok to practice. These doctors are also fluent in speaking English so there will not be any communication difficulties.


Convenient Locations of Clinics

Most clinics are conveniently located near the most visited travel destinations. So, you should not have many problems finding a clinic to get Botox in Bangkok. You can simply travel to Bangkok for a vacation and while you are at it, you can shed a few years.


Free Consultation Service

Most reputed clinics in Bangkok provide free consultation. This helps in familiarizing patients with the procedure and the clinic itself. Therefore, you should walk in for a free consultation prior to making a decision. Here are the names of a few renowned clinics that offer a low Botox cost in Thailand:



If you do your research on each of the clinics, you can find the one that offers the best price and quality. Also, opt for Botox in Bangkok if you are planning a trip there. You can also contact our customer support team if you want to learn more about getting the procedure in Bangkok.


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