Why It is Smart To Go for Botox While You Are in Bangkok

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Thailand is an exhilarating holiday destination. The island nation is home to exotic cuisines, beautiful beaches, a rich culture, and diverse heritage. More than 20 million visit the country every year. But do you know that Thailand also become a popular medical tourism destination throughout the world? There are many Aussies and Kiwis that come here to enjoy their vacations and undergo affordable Botox in Bangkok. Getting Botox treatments there while you are on holiday or business proves a great idea.


Places to Check Out in Bangkok

Go to the Nana Plaza

The Nana Plaza lies on the outskirts of the BTS station, named Nana. It is a place for adult entertainment and partying and offers a series of exciting activities along with great drinks and food. There are plenty to bars here that you can go to alone or have a party with your friends.


Tune in With Your Inner Self at the Beautiful Lumpini Park

The second most densely populated city in Thailand, the hustle and bustle of Bangkok is real and can be a bit overwhelming at first. However, many locals as well as tourists go to catch their breath at the vast and beautiful Lumpini Park. The park is absolutely massive, spread over 500,000 square meters. You can have a mini picnic there with your friends or family in complete seclusion as the park is huge. Plus, there is a beautiful lake running through the park.


Go Drinking at the Top of Bangkok

If you are looking to relax and want to view the entire city while sipping your favorite drinks, there are plenty of top-rated sky bars you can visit in Bangkok. For example, Moon Bar and Vertigo are amongst some of the most famous places for tourists. Both bars are located way up on the 61st floor of the popular Banyan Tree Hotel. You can catch a glimpse of the entire city at day or at night while socializing with other people at these posh bars. You should go to one of these bars to chill and relax after getting your Botox in Bangkok.


Saving Money on Your Botox Procedure in Bangkok

The low Botox cost in Thailand is due to the fact that the government there does not impose strict business red tape policies. What that means is the operational and administrative costs of running Botox clinics are considerably low. This enables Botox doctors to invest in modern equipment and provide top-notch clinical care with zero downtime.


However, before you go for an appointment, it is vital to understand just how much money you can save thanks to the low Botox cost in Thailand. In light of this, here is a brief price comparison:


  • In Bangkok, 20 units of Botox will cost you AUD $352/ NZD $380
  • The same treatment Down Under will cost you AUD $400/ NZD $440


Keep in mind that your clinician will assess the number of units you require for the treatment. The more units you need, the more money you will save.


Some of the Best Clinics You Must Short List

There are many Botox clinics in Bangkok. This reason is why you should consider selecting one that suits your comfort and specifications. Here are three of the top Botox clinics in Bangkok where you can get the treatment:



Botox in Bangkok is all about providing exceptional clinical care, utter professionalism, and safe and affordable treatment. To learn more about how you can compare prices or to understand how you can schedule an appointment, feel free to get in touch with our customer support.

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