Why Medical Tourism in Bangkok is a Great Idea

December 2, 2018 Bill Smith No comments exist

Medical tourism in Bangkok continues to grow as an increasing number of people in first-world countries discover the affordable options this city offers. Whether you need Botox, dermal fillers or a major cosmetic surgery, getting it in Bangkok is a great idea. Let us take a closer look at the top reasons why you should plan a trip to Bangkok for cosmetic treatment.


Pay a Lot Less

The biggest benefit of medical tourism in Bangkok is the chance to save money. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand costs much less than it does in Australia or New Zealand. This attracts a growing number of Aussies and Kiwis to fly out to Bangkok and save thousands of dollars.


Even on Botox you can save hundreds of dollars. Not sure how much is Botox in Thailand? 20 units of Botox costs AUD $352 / NZD $380 in Bangkok. Compare this to the AUD $400 and NZD $440 you would have to spend back home. If you already happen to be in Bangkok, you should certainly not miss the chance to get affordable Botox before you return.


Get Same Quality as Back Home

Rest assured that the lower prices do not mean lower quality. If you pick a reputed clinic, you will get the best of quality and cost. Even the top clinics in Bangkok are able to offer inexpensive solutions mostly thanks to Thailand’s lower operating costs. The lower cost of materials and cost of living also contribute to the lower prices. You should never compromise on your health and when visiting a reliable clinic in Bangkok, you do not have to.


Enjoy Hospitality and a Holiday

When visiting a Bangkok clinic, you are not just a patient but a tourist. You will love the warmth and hospitality you receive at these clinics, something you will not get back home. And do not forget the “tourism” in medical tourism. You can enjoy an amazing holiday in this beautiful Thai capital in addition to getting quality Botox or other cosmetic treatment for much less.


Bangkok has been a top holiday spot since before there was Facebook and smartphones. With world-class beauty centres in the city, medical tourism in Bangkok continues to grow. People from Down Under are driven by their country’s super expensive beauty treatments, boosting the medical tourism industry in Thailand.


Plan it Easily

Bangkok Botox makes it super simple to plan your medical holiday to Bangkok. Featuring the top clinics in the city, the site helps you easily plan your medical vacation to Bangkok. If you are looking for recommendations, check out these three clinics:


  • Bellamode Clinic
  • F Clinic
  • MedConsult International Clinic

Thanks to clinics like these, Bangkok is among the best places in the region to get quality beauty treatments for much less. Clinics like these are pre-screened by the Bangkok Botox team.


Feel free to learn more about the clinics listed above and plan your trip to Thailand. You can make the most of medical tourism in Bangkok without any hassle, save money, and return home looking younger and more beautiful.

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