Why the Low Botox Prices In Thailand

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The Botox prices in Thailand are lower than in the west but some people are reluctant to travel as they are not sure about the quality of care. This is a mistake as clinics in Bangkok are high-quality establishments and should be considered. The following review lays out why Thailand is a popular destination for medical tourists:


Use Botox to Lessen the Signs of Aging

Botox is a chemical derived from Botulinum Toxin, which is a protein. When injected into the skin it paralyzes muscles, so if it is injected into muscles under lines and wrinkles, they will not appear. As a result, it reduces the appearance of aging in people with active wrinkles. If you have lines and wrinkles that are unaffected by muscle movement then you might need dermal fillers rather than Botox.


Why are Clinics More Affordable?

Bangkok is home to thousands of Botox clinics, and there is more capacity than people who desire treatment. As a result, clinics are compelled to keep their prices low to attract customers, which creates inexpensive Botox prices in Bangkok.


Another factor is the low cost of living in Bangkok. This means that salaries are lower, as well as rent, bills such as electric and water, and other costs too.


How Much Can You Save?

Botox in Australia costs AUD 21 per-unit and in New Zealand, it is NZD 22. In Bangkok, Botox is only AUD 17 / NZD 18 per unit. This difference may not seem like much but an average treatment is around 20 units of Botox, the savings of which are shown in the price comparison below:


  • Botox in Australia: AUD 420
  • Botox in New Zealand: NZD 440
  • Botox in Bangkok: AUD 340 / NZD 360


Although the savings will not cover the cost of flights and accommodation, if you are travelling to Bangkok for a holiday, business or other cosmetic treatment it is a saving worth making.


Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.


Commitment to Quality

Botox clinics in Bangkok are exemplary in standard. They ensure strict hygiene protocols are applied and that the clinicians are qualified and experienced. Here are some popular clinics in Bangkok that you should consider:



Getting Started

Botox in Bangkok is inexpensive and world-class. Set up an appointment with a clinician online at Bangkok Botox or contact the customer care team for more information.

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